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If you are planning on having an extreme home makeover or even a whole home renovation, you have to decide whether or not you are going to do it on your own (if you’re up to the challenge) or should a professional help you with it; because imagine this, what if you encounter a blunder in the project but you hired the wrong person for the job. Now what will you do?Going through this project smartly can give you an idea on how this project will go and an expert helping hand can give you just that.

So, if you are going to hire a professional, then it is advisable to do some research first before you hire one; take architects for example, they are often compared with interior designing professionals because most people do not recognise the difference between the two of them. The best thing to do isto browse interior designer and architecture jobs listings to get an idea of what their responsibilities are.

An Architect or an Interior Designer?

Well for one, an architect’s responsibility is designing all kinds of buildings which isn’t only limited to houses of course, given as such, their expertise holds a lot of weight at the beginning of the project.They are to determine and study the spatial layout of the area as this gives them the opportunity to construct a blueprint for your home. In addition, their strong suit is their mathematical skills; with that said, they will ensure that your house has a stable and sound structure so that your home is undeniably safe to live in.Hiring an architect may be the best option to take if you want someone who will be fully present in the construction of your home since you can trust them to analyze and oversee the project as it goes.

As for interior designers, they are perfectly capable in incorporating style as well as functionality in the confinements of your home. If architects are more focused on the overall structure of the building and how well it will hold together from the inside out, a designer is an expert in furnishing and perfecting your interior space. And with the established platform readily built, they are the ones who can takeover of designing the layout of your home, hence the name.Their most valuable skill set is determining what are the advantages and disadvantages of an interior’s layout and working around it to bring you a more upscale style without sacrificing any of the structure.

If you are more focused on the whole structure and the construction of a more solid foundation for your home then an architect is who you’ll need. But if you are concerned more about how you can maximise your interior space area then you should give the interior designer a call instead.

Still can’t decide between hiring an architect or an interior designer, why not hire both?

Given the job responsibilities, an architect’s duty and an interior designer’s responsibility revolve around each other. While one will eventually spearhead the project, these two will also take into consideration the needs of the homeowner and what paths to take that can be the most beneficial for a good deliverance of output. This forms a mutual understanding that both professions can collaborate and work well together. By a common standpoint, you (as a homeowner) can benefit greatly from this relationship then you get to just wait and see the outcome for your new home!

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