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Curtain Fabrics

Curtains serve more than just an aesthetic purpose and style should only be secondary when it comes to choosing the right curtains for your home. Your curtains primarily function as a light filter for your home and they also create an additional layer of privacy. Curtains are also used to boost insulation.  With all these considerations comes a very important factor – choosing the right fabrics for your curtain.

The lining for your curtain also adds a touch of luxury. It is now common to find curtains that come with interlining flannel-like material. These are usually custom-made. If you are also aiming at having your curtain custom-made to fit your needs and preference, you will need to know to choose the materials. Otherwise, you will feel overwhelmed with your options once you step inside a textile store.

Guideline on Choosing the Right Material Based on Function

  • Consider durability. Textiles used for curtains can deteriorate over time due to sun exposure.  However, you can still find certain materials, which are less susceptible to sun damage.  Two of the top examples are cotton-made canvas and brocades.
  • Check the thread count. Materials considered as ‘decorators’ have higher thread count as compared to the regular textile used for clothes.  The thread count is normally indicated on the bolt tag.
  • Know the dimensions. Based on the size of your window, you can determine the right width of textile material you will need for your curtain. In general, there are two primary widths. One ranges from 42 to 45 inches while the other one may span up to 60 inches.
  • Check the weave. Decorator textile may come in different forms of weaves such as damask, satin, twill, or just plain.

Guideline on Choosing the Right Material Based on Aesthetic Value

  • Consider the texture. The texture of Velvet or heavier variant of silk is suitable for formal areas.  These are excellent insulators, too. You may opt for silky rayon as well. On the other hand,  billowy linen works best for casual spaces. It can also be used in any season.
  • Add character through color. This is one of the biggest challenges in finding the material for your new curtains, especially if you targeting to achieve a specific character for your room. Try to imagine the effect of the sunshine penetrating through your unlined curtains. As the color may infuse, orange may be difficult to the eye and blue may look bizarre. Another tip is also to see the other accessories of the room. For example, you may opt for a lighter shade of the color of your rug.

•    Consider the prints and the patterns. Here’s another helpful hint, check your furniture. Are they heavily patterned already? Do you use bedding or rugs with elaborate designs? In this case, go for solid curtains. On the other hand, you may go with the textile with subtle patterns to add accent to your space. To make the space chic, you can choose materials that add character to the room.

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