In this post I will discuss what can be done to save on household cleaning it really is cheaper mopping vacuuming? Mop or broom?

Let’s see what each option costs, thus discarding the initial cost of the broom and vacuuming understood to be reused almost infinite number of times, which makes little impact on the price per use.

A tack mop can be used several times each approximately 30 parts out cents, shaking you can reach three times using a 90m2. With that comes out to 10 cents each cleaning. But not suitable for areas with rugs or carpeting.

With a traditional broom , which can be used infinite times, the cost of each cleanup is practically reduced to 0, but the broom is difficult to get more than just move the dust from one place to another, nor is useless on carpet or carpets.

With a standard vacuum cleaner 2000W, cleaning a floor in one hour (time depends on many variables: the furniture, the distribution outlets, the amount and thickness of the carpet, etc …) consumes 2KWH, representing about 30 cents depending on the fare and the company.

Apart from electricity consumption should be added, depending on the type of vacuum cleaner, the cost of the bags that collect dust, but its low cost relative to uses that are slow to fill, cost becomes negligible for these calculations.

In conclusion ; with these figures in hand it is clear that the cheapest is the traditional broom, but not a very effective cleaning is achieved, so that is ruled out, the vacuum is more expensive and noisy although cleaning is more effective, the mop is cheaper and quieter method, but no good for carpets. The ideal is to combine regular use of the mop with an occasional use of the vacuum cleaner.

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