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It has been recently noted that an average of around 20 people die due to unavoidable electrical accidents in Australia and there are hundreds more who are treated in the hospitals for injuries related to electrical accidents. When there’s an electrical short-circuit, it doesn’t discriminate on the people it is causing harm to and hence there is always a risk of potential electrical shock or electrocution for anyone, irrespective of the training that you’ve received.

Hiring a licensed electrician – Why is the license so important?

In order to be able to avoid such disasters, it is vital for you to hire a licensed electrician and whenever you need electrical work to be done in your home, he should always be a licensed one. It is only he who will ensure that the work that is done is being carried out safely and that it meets the safety standards of the home and the state in which you’re residing. When you use a licensed electrician, this reduces the risk of fire, shocks or any other incidents in your home and this implies that you family can sit back and rest know that all electrical wires and connections are at place.

Coping without electricity – Things to do during a blackout

Yes, there is always an Electrician to the Rescue when you call him but nevertheless it is important to know what exactly you should do during a blackout. It is true that slight interruptions to the supply of electricity in your home can hamper the way you lead your life. You can wear a hat as our body usually loses heat through our scalp and you may even close all windows and doors to retain the warmth. You may also use a wood heater but make sure you extinguish it before going to bed. When it comes to cooking food, you can cook foods outside on the barbeque and avoid using one at home. For enhanced lighting, you can use torches as they provide more light than candles.

Electricians – What kind of work should they perform?

Electrical issues might be inconvenient but all such problems need a qualified electrical contractor in order to solve them safely. If you wish to safeguard yourself from electrical short circuits and the related dangers, you shouldn’t perform the below mentioned tasks.

  • Mend any electrical home appliances on your own
  • Try to change any existing electrical wiring
  • Replace a light switch or power point
  • Change a plug on a lead
  • Install electrical wiring on your own

Electricians are usually trained to determine the risk of any particular situation to which you might be exposed through electrical devices. For example, do you know the way in which electrical fans work? If answered no, click here. When you perform any of such tasks on your own, you increase the risk of danger and hence it is always better to seek help of a professional electrician.

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