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If your garage door is sagging in the corners or catching when you try to lift it, it may be time to invest in a new one. Most people might not think that closely about a garage door, but considering it’s housing your car and possibly other important or expensive belongings, not to mention that it’s street facing and attached to your house, it is something you should definitely put some thought into during the purchase process. So what should you consider when buying garage doors in Sydney?

Security and Safety

A garage door should be as secure as your front door. Look beyond the garage door at the operators that unlock it. Photoelectric technology will stop a closing door by using an invisible light beam that senses a person or car in its space, making it ideal for parents of young children. Some people just want an operator that they can fit on a keychain to avoid the hassle of having to carry a big operator around in their bags. You can also buy garage doors that require a code to open or a universal remote that also operates appliances and lights in addition to the garage door.


First things first: ask yourself what kind of door do you like? Do you want steel, wood, a roll-a-door or a tilting door? Steel won’t warp or crack in weather, making it ideal for wet or weather-extreme climates, while wood is more affordable and favoured for its appearance. All of these have pros and cons but it’s up to you to decide which one fits your needs best. Take into account your garages proximity to the street, as well as the width of your driveway and even whether or not you have kids.

You also want to look at the various accessories different garage doors offer, from whisper-quiet openers to the kind that can be opened with a code (ideal if you’re prone to losing your key) and even solar-panel powered doors.

From there, it’s time to look at colours. Something that complements your house is ideal, as this adds value to your property. If no colours suit your requirements, talk to your salesperson about which ones can be easily painted to match your property – it’s a fun weekend job for the kids.


A new garage door can and will increase the value of your home, so it’s worth investing in something that is going to last the distance. Seek comparison quotes to ensure you’re getting a good deal, but don’t skimp out and by the cheapest door on the market, as they probably aren’t as secure or long-wearing as a mid-range model.


While some DIY stores will sell garage doors that you can install yourself, we highly recommend hiring a professional to install it for you as even the easiest DIY garage door is well above the skill set of most weekend DIY-ers. Installation isn’t that expensive and is well worth the cost upfront, as it would be far more expensive to fix any mistakes you make down the track. Talk to your garage door salesperson about recommend tradespeople for the job to ensure you choose a quality tradesperson to match your brand new, quality garage door.

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