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Repair the Foundations

Homeowners all over the world have experienced problems with the foundations of their home. Unfortunately, these repairs are often very costly. Yet, it appears that there are just three causes behind all foundation issues and being aware of those could just help you avoid some expensive repairs. The three reasons are:

  1. Compacted soil that becomes loose and then settles again while construction is happening, leading to the foundation actually moving.
  2. The soil above a retaining wall could erode, which is particularly common on hillsides. This leads to slumping or sliding.
  3. Shrinkage and swelling of the soil.

You must always remember that, as time goes on, the environmental conditions of the soil that is around your home’s foundation will cause a number of different problems and these must be repaired by the best foundation repair Los Angeles has to offer.

Indicators that There Is a Problem

A problem with your foundations means that your home is actually unsafe to live in, as it is no longer stable. Another real issue is that, if you want to sell your home, it could significantly lower the value of your home. There are 10 specific signs to look for that could indicate a problem exists:

  1. Displaced and/or cracks moldings.
  2. Inside and/or outside brick cracks.
  3. Separation of frames at windows, garage doors or other doors.
  4. Windows and doors that no longer open or close the way they should.
  5. Cracks in the foundations, floor tiles or flooring.
  6. Gaps between the walls and the floor or the ceiling.
  7. Uneven and sloping floors.
  8. Cracking and bowing of the walls.
  9. Rotation of the walls.
  10. Walls that start to separate from the actual structure.

If you notice any of the above 10 signs, whether on its own or in combination with others, you must immediately contact a professional to have it resolved.

Solutions for Repair

There are lots of contractors out there that specialize specifically in foundation repairs. Their work has been tested, developed and designed by structural engineers and geotechnical engineers so that all international and domestic standards are made. They tend to offer a number of specific services, including:

  • Repairing crawl spaces.
  • Repairing foundation settlements.
  • Stabilization the foundation walls.
  • Straightening the foundation walls.
  • Street creep repair.
  • Mud jacking.

Foundation repair is, unfortunately, very expensive. It also takes a lot of time. The space around the home has to be excavated, the structure itself has to be mounted using special supports, the new foundation has to be constructed and then the structure has to be replaced.

Some More Considerations

You can always attribute an issue with foundations to the conditions of the soil that surround the property. You must, therefore, have permanent solutions in place to avoid problems from starting in the first place. If it is too late and your foundations are affected, you need to not just repair the foundations, but also come up with solutions to stop future problems from occurring.

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