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workspaceThe majority of us can relate to a time when we may have had to do our work in a state of ‘organised chaos’, where papers are flying everywhere, the bin is overflowing and there is absolutely no filing system to be had. Situations like these can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress as things can be easily misplaced or totally lost! This is not a good position to be in with deadlines around the corner and evidently, there are some definite benefits of being neat and organised whilst working. For example, the theory that if your desk is cluttered then your mind will be cluttered and this could then have subsequent effect on the quality of your hard work. Thus, as daunting as it may seem it is easier than you realise to set up an organised system to work within and these tips will help pave the way for you.

  1. Workspace furniture

The core pieces of furniture need to be in place before you can start organising your workspace, including a study chair and a study desk. There are so many styles of desks out there and this will depend on what it is most suitable to you in your home, for example if you are going to be keeping your desk for a long time and need something that will be hard wearing, a solid oak desk would be the best choice for you.

After, you need to pick a sturdy chair that will compliment your new desk and there are so many health factors involved in picking a chair too as many people suffer from back pain if they sit in a chair for so long so it is best to choose a chair that caters for this.

As well as the desk and chair combo, you could also look into investing in a bookcase as this can help out your filing system if you decide to put your folders on there.

  1. Papers and filing

Having all your papers splayed across your desk is a recipe for disaster, the first thing to do is to bin (or even better, recycle!) all the papers that you don’t need anymore. This simple task is the first step to creating more desk space and productivity. Next, it is essential to start a filing system you know that you can keep up with; having specific files for every project you are working on is an easy one.

Assigning a home for everything will help reduce the amount of time you spend looking for stuff and wasting time! By having things labelled and clearly on show it will assist you so much better whilst working.

  1. Visuals

It is horrible to go into a workspace that is uninspiring and boring to work in, a good way to keep it interesting is by hanging pieces of art so as to break up any mundaneness. Calendars and drawing boards are also cheap and wonderful ways of keeping organised; for example, having a whiteboard calendar means that you can edit it quickly and draw anything you like on it.

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