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In the sizzling summers, using an air conditioner can sky-rocket your electricity bills, but the alternative will not help either. If you follow these six tips, you can reduce a substantial amount of power consumption and still enjoy a comfortable indoor environment.

  1. Check how energy efficient is your home. Employ a local contractor or a utility provider to evaluate to what extent you are cooling your neighborhood. Keep a strict check on the quality of your doors, windows, attic, or walls for any cracks. You may never know how much amount of cold air is leaking out of these cracks. A quick inspection will help you make your home energy efficient.
  1. Upgrade your thermostat. If you have not upgraded your thermostat lately, it is time you do it now. The high-quality thermostats can efficiently regulate the temperature inside your home in your absence, saving electricity bills. Thermostats, nowadays, come with an added feature where you can operate them controlling the temperature via your mobile app. Some of the best thermostats available in the market are Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Alexa, etc.
  1. Make it a habit to close your blinds. Never keep the windows of the house open. The heat of the sun coming in from that window will elevate the temperature of the entire apartment to the extent that even your thermostat will stop working. During the time of the day when the temperature is at its maximum, ensure that you close all the blinds.
  1. Avoid activities that increase the heat levels. Daily activities such as cooking on stovetop, dishwashing or using a cloth dryer can emit a good deal of heat. Instead, you can always hand wash utensils, dry your clothes on clothesline or grill outside your house to avoid the heat built up. You can always take a shower during the day by using the exhaust fan to keep out humidity, and excessive heat.
  1. Where have you installed your thermostat? Installing the thermostat on the right wall is essential. Never place right beside a hot window as your AC will come into effect more frequently than it should. The right selection of the wall for thermostat installation is imperative to discourage the functioning of your air conditioner.
  1. Rely on your fan. You can always rely on your fan. According to an interesting fact by NRDC (National Resource Defence Council), your fan will keep the temperature down by as much as 10-degree Celsius. Not just this, the fan utilises only 1/10th of the electrical energy your air conditioner uses. Upgrade it to the next level by installing smart fans and connecting them with the app. Control your electrical appliances with your phone.

Save your money by setting your thermostat to the highest temperature you can withstand. This will ensure that you can end up saving your electricity costs by as much as 10 percent by setting the temperature of your thermostat 10-15 Degrees higher for at least eight hours a day. Using energy efficient ACs such as ActronAir Air Conditioners can also bring down your AC costs.


Follow these tips to enjoy a comfortable indoor atmosphere without letting your AC put a dent in your wallet.

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