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If you are considering redoing your kitchen, it can be a pretty exciting time. Most kitchens that were built into homes that are not brand new can have limited space and not feature the open areas that make the most used room in your house an inviting place.

When it comes to choosing a contractor, you’ll likely need to work with a main contractor that arranges to put together a crew of subcontractors to do countertops, cabinets, and flooring.

One of the industry trends is to work with services like and have them pre-arrange a match for you so that every part of your experience is handled by vetted professionals that can turn your specifications into reality.

Here are some benefits of working with kitchen remodeling contractors through a service:

Complete estimates:

Changing out your cabinets may take a while for you to design unless you have a designer. Of course once you get started, you’ll find that if you contact a remodeling contractor service, you can work with the cabinet contractor to put together a working design that is computerized. It will show you exactly what your kitchen could look like when it is finished and it normally does not take that long for them to create it.

You will also find that a remodeling service’s contractors are used to working with each other, so both the labor coordination and the speed and accuracy of the estimates that you receive will be superior to those of an individual that needs to recruit and put their team together on the fly based upon your needs.

Island specialists:

Although many contractors have experience putting together kitchen islands that maximize the use of space in your home, they don’t always have the range of design expertise that island specialists that work for a service do. If you have spent time at your friends’ homes, you have likely seen a few ‘long bar that doesn’t really aesthetically please anyone’ effects in their kitchens. For those that plan to use their kitchen to entertain as well as enjoy, using a remodeling service that can offer you professionals that will make your island a showpiece is likely worth it.

Appliance knowhow:

Another limitation of general contractors that aren’t part of a service is that although they may be adept at putting ranges, ovens, and refrigerators in, they may not be specialists in installing one particular manufacturer’s goods. Remodeling services match the best appliance contractor with the equipment that you have chosen. That means for the same price, a contractor that does specialize in the brands that you want for your kitchen will be doing your work.

If you choose professional cooking equipment, it can definitely make a difference. In fact, if you don’t use a specialist, it may be a bit like having your Mercedes tuned up by a Hyundai mechanic. It should be fine, but there may be someone out there more proficient at it.

Kitchen remodeling can add a lot of resale value to your home. Choosing the right contractors to do the job will make the new room that you are creating worth every penny that you put into it.

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