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Only you can decide where to start in your house renovations. What do you want to accomplish? Ideally, you would start with the foundation and roofing, then the furnace and HVAC before moving to cosmetic updates.

However, for most people, their finances determine where to start. They start where they can afford. The median spend for home renovation stands at $13,000 in a 2020 survey. If money is not a problem, hire a contractor to walk you through the planning, prioritizing, and some of the renovations that require a professional.

Plan Your Renovation.

To renovate your house, start with a detailed plan. Take a complete survey of your home to see the big picture. Then plan out how you expect to conduct the renovations and your budget for each process. Will you have to switch rooms? Will you need a spare bathroom? Do you want to add a home office? Consider every possibility, though things may change as you proceed with renovations.

Categorize The Renovations.

You should have a long list of everything you need to improve. Sort this list into categories like electricity upgrades, plumbing, painting, cabinet and fixtures, roofing, flooring, etc.

Prioritize The Categories

Every house has different needs, and we all have different priorities. While some people choose to start with the complex stuff (like renovating the kitchen or bathroom), others want to start with the simplest stuff (like fixing cracks in the walls). Decide your priorities based on your needs.

You can hire an interior designer to help with sketches and inspiration.

Contract The Duties

Let contractors bid for different categories. Take it step by step, depending on what you can afford first.

Do It Yourself

If you have experience in home renovations, you may choose to renovate some parts yourself. You can call in help from friends and family. For the features that require a professional, plan your finances.

Caution When You Do The Renovations Yourself

Before renovating your house, you should be aware of these hidden dangers like asbestos and silica, especially if your home was constructed before 1973 when the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) restricted asbestos. Asbestos (and silica) are not dangerous when intact. That is why asbestos is still used in building materials like vinyl tile floors, roof, and non-roofing coatings, roofing felt, cement pipe, pipeline wrap, cement shingles, etc.

As soon as you start hitting the wall, there are chances that you may break apart toxic asbestos fibers located in your roof, wall, or floor. Once inhaled, there is no going back from asbestos exposure. This is how you stay safe from asbestos exposure.

  • Contact an asbestos professional to inspect your house for asbestos before beginning the renovations.
  • If asbestos is confirmed, let the professional handle it. They can remove it or contain it.
  • If the asbestos material is removed, let the professional also test the air after the job to ensure that no asbestos is flying in the air.
  • When doing your home renovation, wear a half-face particulate filter and disposable overalls for your protection. Seal the protective equipment in a bag after use and dispose of them appropriately.

If you accidentally inhale asbestos, you should see a doctor immediately. Suppose you have been exposed to asbestos for so long that you develop health problems like mesothelioma cancer. In that case, you can receive financial compensation from the negligent asbestos manufacturer who put you at risk. Reach out to experienced lawyers like the Mesothelioma Cancer Network.

Final Thoughts On House Renovations

If you are renovating your house to raise its value for sale, you need to be careful. Many people make the mistake of doing major renovations only to find that no one wants to buy their property after renovation. It is best to hire a contractor to help you plan and prioritize. The Remodeling report will give you ideas on the home renovations that will raise your property’s value the most. You might end up going over your plans and re-planning all through the renovations phase, and that’s expected.

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