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Being a parent is hard enough without the pressure to throw your child an incredible party every year. Children often want to create buzz with exciting party that they can invite their friends to and chatter all week at school about. So, if you’ve already thrown your kid the same bowling party three years in a row, be sure and check out these creative birthday party ideas to earn yourself some bonus parenting points this year.

Creative birthday parties

Circus Party

This idea might sound hard to pull off, but it can actually be quite simple if you know the right people. With the release of 2018’s The Greatest Showman, kids are becoming enamored with the circus, so now is the perfect time to give your child a party that celebrates the different and odd. You can easily hire Long Island clowns for your party and they’ll come dressed to your specifications per whatever theme suits your guests.

Create a concessions stand for your guests, and make your invitations look like tickets to the circus! It’s the little touches that make this theme really come together, and then you can include as many or as few performers as you’d like, such as jugglers or contortionists.

Adventure Party

You might be looking for a more active birthday party for your kid. An adventure party can include many different activities, like rock climbing, rafting, or hiking. Indoor rock climbing facilities often have the ability to host birthday parties, where your kids can climb with professional supervision and have a blast doing it. Also, your local outdoor center can often host a rafting birthday party for an exciting rafting excursion down a local river.

It’s fairly simple to host a hiking party yourself without relying on a facility to host it. Find a local state park with a range of hiking trails and rent out a pavilion for the day. Make sure you’re familiar with the trails if you’re going to lead the hike yourself or ask someone at the park to give you tips before you head out, such as which markers to follow in order to stay on the easiest trail. To make it more of an adventure, you could create a scavenger hunt for the kids and have they searched for items as they hike, like a specific plant or animal.

With any outdoor experience, make sure you’re supplied with emergency equipment and prepared for anything – you don’t want any of your hikers to end up at the hospital (though if they do, be sure to check high quality medical reviews first!).

Mad Scientist Party


For kids who are into science, consider a mad scientist party! Help your guests create experiments and have a blast doing so. Welcome your guests with identification badges like they are actually entering a laboratory and create a handprint scanner to “verify” your guests’ identities as they enter. You could even supply each child with a simple lab coat to help them really get into character.

Create a scientific punch by adding dry ice and food coloring to the drink. Have your guests experiment with colors by adding food coloring to milk, then topping with dishwashing detergent, which will swirl the colors. The party can be as fun and creative as you want it to be! Send your guests home with candy in a test tube and congratulate them on their incredible experiments. Throwing your child the perfect birthday party certainly isn’t easy, but there are simple and clever tricks you can employ to create a fun and unforgettable experience. Remember, it’s all about getting creative and imaginative with the details!

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