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Small bathrooms ideas and solutions to maximize space
When in small bathrooms it is, no choice but to sharpen their wits and a good distribution plan to enjoy a comfortable stay. We have prepared a selection of environments whose common denominator is small for sure help you to decorate your bathroom and make the most of every corner of this room.

One of the first things to keep in mind is whether to avoid enclosed furniture, although it is always good to have one to store our belongings.

In this case, the basin of work furniture was completed with a glass shelf where to place towels and toiletries organized in fiber baskets. To maximize space millimeter, it is best to order a custom furniture. If addition is coated with the same material and finish as the rest of the bathroom, you get sense of spaciousness.

Distribution on a front

With a good space planning -the distribution of sanitarios- and a successful combination of materials, you’ll make your bathroom look spectacular environment. In these two bathrooms, ceramic and marble tone beige were combined with wooden furniture.

Placing a moon frameless wall sink and install glass partitions, fixed or opening, to separate the shower are solutions to consider to create spaciousness. Separations not detract crystal light or create divisions.

Washbasin for small bathrooms

Nothing like done with small but well equipped furniture. Ideally as projecting them to take every inch. If the bathroom is so small it is not even possible to create storage areas below the wash, cabinet seeks to complete at least a towel rail. ‘s something! The furniture designed by Philippe Starck for Duravit has curved doors with wide opening for access to toiletries easy.

Furniture and sanitary suspended

With a lightweight and compact design, they are a perfect choice for small bathrooms. Not only contribute to a feeling of more space, but make cleaning the bathroom floor to avoid the uncomfortable corners that attract dirt.

Disadvantage of this type of toilet is in the installation since to be fixed to the wall and not have standing, must be subject perfectly to withstand any weight. The tank will set into the wall so you need a double wall to deposit the water. Above, the toilet model Meridian signing Rock.

Basins Corner

If you are wondering if you can have the sink in the corner, yes. Install a corner sink will help you take advantage of the limited space in your bathroom. On the market you can find a variety of models to fit any decorative proposal: classic, contemporary, minimalist … even with the cabinet.

Shelves to create storage areas

Enjoy with pillars and setbacks as shelves. Sometimes between the shower and the wall is a space where you can install shelves. Under the casement windows open, you can also set a small ledge. And why not install a towel bar on the same shelf? Another solution is to plan niches. In the shower, on the toilet … fail false walls to create shelves on which to store towels and toiletries.

Holes and corners well used

The remaining free space above the toilet, the gap between the shower and the front door and even the door can be converted into valuable storage areas. A good idea is to use small space bathrooms bathtub with a shower and washing machine. On the wall, a series of shelves will help keep towels close at hand. Behind the door, so no messy pile towels and bathromes. Install a horizontal towel for organizing towels.

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