Experience shows that it is essential to carry out maintenance suitable to our possessions on post save the unpleasant surprise of having to face much higher costs than the sum of the cost of all maintenance that would have been needed to prevent the damage caused – now think the need to do the oil change every 10,000 km-our car.

Our greatest asset is housing so it is necessary to maintain and preserve it to avoid unexpected outlays and increase satisfaction and comfort we have of her. To do this, you need a change of mind to end the prevailing passivity regarding the use, maintenance and preservation of housing.

We must regain the temporary maintenance and conservation habits that still exist in more traditional societies (cleaning the roof, whitewashed walls, waxing floors, painting doors and windows etc.) because the absence of these lead us not to keep but to pull and replace led to believe that buildings are built to last forever without that we should do anything for them without the need for user intervention maintainer to lengthen its life as possible.

We should not forget the familiar saying “prevention is better than cure “, for indeed, the costs involved maintenance and conservation as well as performances from the use and proper use of the buildings are an extremely profitable investment for the benefits of all type provides.

The maintenance of the dwelling must be treated as a necessity to keep the economic value of it, as an instrument that positions the building in a preferred status item if sold, obviously brings a much higher value directly to have a good state. Obviously the short and medium term gives us other benefits like winning in quality of life and gives us the satisfaction of enjoying a home in perfect condition.

Nobody ignores the need to carry out maintenance on our homes.

However, little concern has been maintaining these services not sue, remembering him in extreme situations, where unfortunately there is no alternative or when the repair is the only possible solution.

Must psych the benefits of the maintenance and upkeep of our house, amply justified by the lower costs involved in its development compared to the cost you pay when you act when no choice.

Finally remember the most immediate benefits we will gain from carrying out a maintenance plan for our home:

  • We prevent risks and costs of accidents, protecting the integrity of people and goods, both insiders and outsiders.
  • Contribute to improving the comfort and quality of life.
  • We encourage the extension of the useful life of the property.

Remember that housing is the most important investment we make throughout our lives. Do not you think that maintenance is usually economical to have it always does not deserve a day?

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