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You must take good care of your home when the change of seasons gets near. It’s that time of the year when your home maintenance needs also prove inevitable. The winter seems to be creeping in slowly as you start feeling the chill in the air outside.


Check out a few essential home maintenance tasks that you need to perform:

Refrigerator Coils:  The heat from within your refrigerator is drawn out with the help of condenser coils. The maintenance cost of your fridge may rise by up to $100 a year. You’ll either find the coil behind your refrigerator or beneath the kick-plate. Switch off the power button of your fridge if you wish to clean the coils. Create a wand at home with the help of any brush attached to your vacuum cleaner or a cardboard tube.

Drains: If your drain is running slow, it’s more likely to ruin your shower than any other thing. You must push a drain stick within your drain pipe once the drain assembly gets removed. This is the first very important step that you ought to take if you really wish to clean the drains of your sink and tub. It will help in pulling out all forms of clogs like these caused by some hairs clinging on to it. Once the drain stick gets inserted, you’ll need to allow a small amount of bleach to pass through the drain and let it settle for about 10 minutes. Once you’re done, release water through the pipe to flush out mildew and mold from inside the drain.

Vent Fans: The vent fan inside your bathroom has to be maintained and cleaned like before. A much bigger volume of dust may be collected by vent fans hung from your bathroom ceiling. The accumulation dust often turns them inefficient and noisy. The dust can only be pulled out with the help of a vacuum cleaner once you remove the cover and spray silicone lubricant over the mobile parts. It will help you fan move in a similar way as it used to do before.

Showerheads: Spraying of silicon lubricant gets haywire once the showerhead nozzles get clogged with minerals. In this case, spraying doesn’t prove to be effective at all. Your showerhead needs to be covered with vinegar in a plastic bag that remains tied over it. You must let it settle and soak for an entire night. You may even choose to soak the showerhead in a pan after you take it off and then get it rinsed with hot water. You may choose to buy a water-saver model if your showerhead is well past its prime.

Clothes Dryer Vent Pipe: Every year some 15,000 fires are caused by the settlement of hose on cloth dryers and a collection of lint in our vent pipe. Make sure your dryer vent is cleaned every day in order to protect your home from fire. You may simply begin by using a vacuum cleaner or brush for cleaning the inner portion of the hose. Each time you get your clothes dried, you must also clean your dryer, especially the lint filter.

You must take a few precautions in advance once you begin witnessing the slow arrival of winter. This way, you will get ample time to check and compare the various small parts and fixtures related to home maintenance. What more can you want when you end up saving a few dollars upfront.

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