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Just moved into your new house? Thinking about replacing your old couch any time soon? Just like everything else in our era where choice resounds in everything we do or buy, there are infinite selections when it comes to choosing a sofa. You might have an idea exactly what you want, but it could be a different story once you actually walk into a shop or browse models online, the shapes, styles, and brand alternatives can sometimes be overwhelming.

Save yourself the money, time and risky buyer’s remorse by using these tips to get a clearer idea of what you want before you start hunting!

Size considerations. Your room size will dictate this; you’ll need to choose exactly how much of the living room you want the couch to fill. Are you including other chairs and couches? Will there be a coffee table? If so, a simple sofa, or the one with an L-shape would be the best fit. If you are looking for a sofa that will serve as the focal point of the living room, simply look for a circular couch that provide a lot of seating despite taking up a bit more space.

For smaller rooms, you’ll need a smaller couch. Less space means it needs to be the spotlight, so it’s good to pick something that’s practical and with good design to complement the rest of the space.

Couch orientation. Your lifestyle will come into play here. What do you usually do with that space? Do you use it to wind down in front of your TV? Then make sure that the couch faces it. Do you often host wine or game nights? Try creating semi or full circle around a central table. If you’ll use it to relax, lounge and read, then surround the sofa with cushion to create a comfy haven for you or a large group.

The right shape for the room. Now that you know the sofa’s function, it’s time to figure out its shape to fulfil that purpose. A good old L-shaped sofa is great for open areas that require division, such as separating the living room and the dining room.

A round-shaped sofa is better for a smaller space that’s meant to serve as a gathering area for many people, but it also benefits a media room.

Style and colour that complements the home. This is dictated by your personal preference your home is built. You can go with your gut instinct when picking the couch that will instantly fit your home. If you love modern and sleek, then pick something that has dramatic colours and clean lines. If you have an eclectic mix of designs and colours in your room, a couch that mixes several styles will better suit your home.

Too nervous to choose the right brand, style, or colours? Concerned about the quality of the couch?

Read expert resources. Thankfully, there are hundreds of available resources (aside from this article) that will help you make your decision every time. You can also read choice magazine for the latest consumer news, in-depth investigations, and a selection of the latest product tests and reviews in easy-to-read tables, from furniture and dishwashers to TV streaming services.

That’s it. Good luck with your couch-hunting! Let’s see your living room design in the comments below.

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