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Carpet cleaning is an essential part of the entire home cleaning process that people undertake or outsource to some professional cleaning company every once in a while. There are people who want to save some money and do all the cleaning all by themselves but don’t really know how to go about the entire thing. But for people living in Perth, there are a lot of options available when it comes to carpet cleaning companies.

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Before starting the carpet cleaning, people should know the kind of material the carpet is made of. This is vital because it helps in knowing the apt method of cleaning the carpets in the most effective and efficient manner. Some carpets are designed to be cleaned only by using machines or vacuum cleaners while there are others that can be cleaned manually without much hassle. One can find lots of carpet cleaning jobs in Perth.

Basic Things to Know about Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaningThere are a lot of things that people should know about the basic carpet cleaning services before undertaking the task of cleaning the carpets all by themselves. There are many people in Fremantle who hesitate in calling the carpet professionals or commercial cleaning companies because they want to do everything on their own. Thus, we bring some basic facts about cleaning different kinds of stains that people who want to clean their carpets all by themselves should know are as follows:

  • Rust Stains: People should start off by taking some lemon juice and apply it directly onto the stained carpet area. Next, the lemon juice should be allowed to soak in the carpet for a few minutes before being blotted with a clean white cloth. Next, a cleaning solution is applied on to the stained area after complete extraction of the lemon juice from the stained area. The cleaning solution can be made by mixing a non-bleach laundry detergent and warm water. The cleaning solution should be applied to the stain area and should be left to settle down for five minutes before removing. Last but not the least, the stained area with the cleaning solution should be rinsed thoroughly.
  • Fruit Salad Stains: First and foremost, people should start off by removing the salad components off the carpet before undertaking the cleaning task. One should be careful to not spread the fruit salad particles further into a mess. People should use a medicine dropper for adding water on the stained area. Next, people should get a clean paper towel for blotting the wet area till it becomes somewhat dry. Then, the cleaning solution made from by mixing a non-bleach laundry detergent and warm water should be used on the stained area. The solution should be left for settling on the stained area for five minutes before cleaning it with a clean cloth. Last but the not the least, one should pour a cup of room temperature water on the cleaned area for getting rid of any unwanted residue off the carpet.
  • Spilled Perfume Stains: People should start off with by absorbing as much of the spilled spirit as possible with the help of a clean white cloth or a sponge. One should blot the spill till the time excess liquid is soaked in the sponge or cloth. Then, a cleaning solution made by mixing warm water and ammonia should be applied on the stained area. Ammonia is used in the cleaning solution because it helps in neutralising the unpleasant odour because of the spilled perfume. Then, with the help of a clean cloth, the stained area should be blotted for removing the stain. Last but not the least, the area should be rinsed with water and then dried completely.
  • Hot Chocolate or Milk Spill Stains: It is very common to have stains of hot chocolate or spilled milk on the carpet with kids at home. But you don’t need to compromise anymore because these stains can be easily removed without any help from the emergency cleaning For removing the spilled milk or hot chocolate stains from the carpet, people should get rid of the hot chocolate or spilled milk from the carpet by getting a clean sponge and slowly dabbing the stained area. They should continue the dabbing till they have extracted as much of the spilled milk as they can. Next, they should apply a few drops of water onto the stain and let it settle for some time. Then, a paper towel should be used for blotting the area as it helps in making the stain lighter and easier to remove. Then, a cleaning solution of warm water and ammonia should be applied on the stains. Ammonia is used in the cleaning solution as acts as neutralising agent against the unpleasant odour of the spilled milk or hot chocolate. The ammonia and water solution should be allowed to settle for three minutes. Last but not the least; a fresh cloth should be used for removing the cleaning solution as well as the stain from the carpet. The stain should be cleaned from outwards to inwards direction for preventing the stain to spread further on the carpet.
  • Highlighter Stains: Highlighter stains are difficult to remove from the carpet fibres and that is why it is best to avoid getting them in the first place. But accidents are beyond human control. People should start off by taking a paper towel and slowly blotting the highlighter mark on the carpet. This is a vital step and should be done immediately for helping in preventing the stain to become worse. People should get some household materials for making a cleaning solution for removing the highlighter stain. One should use a teaspoon of dish washing liquid and warm water as it makes for a terrific cleaning solution. The aforementioned cleaning solution helps in eliminating the highlighter stain from the carpet. Then, people should let the cleaning solution soak the highlighter stain for some time. Then, one should take a clean white cloth and slowly blot the highlighter stain from the carpet till the entire stain is comes off. Last but not the least; one should take a glass of water for rinsing the stained area one just cleaned and then letting it dry. There are several companies in Perth that offer excellent solutions for removing the highlighter stains from the carpets.

Different Kinds of Carpet Cleaning Methods

carpet cleaning methodThere are some people who choose to hire vacate cleaning Perth services or the professional carpet cleaning services instead of indulging in the DIY cleaning methods. This is because the professional carpet cleaning services provide five different methods of carpet cleaning along with several affordable house cleaning packages. These cleaning methods are as follows:

  • Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Method: This method is commonly called the carpet steam cleaning. The hot water extraction carpet cleaning method makes use of hot water at high pressures for agitating the carpet’s fibre which in turn helps in dissolving the carpet dirt. The hot water extraction carpet cleaning generally involves the cleaning agent application onto the soiled surface and agitation of the carpet with the help of a brush and rinsing at the end. Post the settlement of the cleaning agent on carpet for some time, the carpet is washed in a cleaning machine for thoroughly rinsing out the cleaning solution and is dried in normal room temperature or in the AC. Majority of the office cleaning carpet companies suggest that the carpets should be cleaned in late in the afternoon. This is because then the carpet is dried overnight and the office operation won’t be affected the next day.
  • Carpet Shampooing Method: When it comes to the method of carpet shampooing cleaning, it was preferred till the introduction of the encapsulation carpet cleaning method back in the 1970s. The aforementioned method of shampooing seems to clean the dirty carpet with ease but the method has its share of disadvantage. When people opt for the carpet shampooing method, it leaves large amounts of moist foam carpet residues which take several hours to dry along with becoming sticky after drying up. This happens because there is no rinsing post shampooing. Thus, the method becomes less preferable than others in Perth and elsewhere.
  • Encapsulation Method: The method of foam encapsulation uses the synthetic detergent as the base for crystallizing in the powder form after it dries up. The loose dirt in the carpet fibre gets encapsulated into the powder after the application of cleaning foam is no longer wet. Then the carpet is vacuumed and brushed after the foam is no longer wet post the completion of cleaning process. The aforementioned carpet cleaning method has taken over the carpet shampooing method as it needs less water for cleaning which in turn results in lesser drying time in comparison to the latter method of carpet cleaning. The encapsulation carpet cleaning method has been applauded by people who choose to use environmental friendly items as there are lesser chemicals left post cleaning when compared to the carpet shampooing method. Even though the aforementioned method ensures satisfactory cleaning, it is unable to clean the heavily soiled carpet thoroughly which is the method’s con.
  • Bonnet Cleaning Method: The aforementioned carpet cleaning method ensures satisfactory cleaning as the method involves cleaning the carpet’s fibre top via motorized equipment that has a pad spinning attached to it. The pad is immersed in cleaning mixture for dirt absorption from the carpet’s surface. The method of bonneting is mainly used in hotels as provides an easy fix for cleaning the carpets. This method comes in handy because the carpet can be cleaned sans any moisture and dries quickly and doesn’t cause an inconvenience to the hotel guests. Since the aforementioned method does not deep clean the carpet, the dirt under the carpet emerges on the surface in no time. This in turn makes the carpet dirty easily. The method also causes the chemical remnant accumulation in the carpet because of the heavy machine pressure on the spinning pad that pushes the chemical applied and the remainder dirt inside of the carpet.
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning Method: The aforementioned method of carpet cleaning is among the newest cleaning methods in the market. The dry carpet cleaning method has gained immense popularity as well as approvals from the top carpet producers. This is because of the effective and efficient cleaning performance as well as convenience offered since it does not need drying time. Several people still doubt the effectiveness of the aforementioned cleaning method because it is relatively new in comparison to other carpet cleaning techniques mentioned above. The main highlight of the dry carpet cleaning method is the application of cleaning mixture or powder at the bottom of the carpet via a motorized counter rotating brush machine for opening up the carpet’s fibre which allows the compound to settle in. This in turn results in thorough deep carpet cleaning outcome. The cleaning mixture is generally made from biodegradable material which works similar to micro-sponges and can efficiently absorb the dissolved dirt from the carpet and can be thoroughly removed after the carpet cleaning process. The aforementioned carpet cleaning is not harmful for any carpet type and is often recommended by the professional carpet cleaners.

Thus, people looking for a good carpet cleaning business should know that a professional carpet cleaning Perth service providers will always have several budget options with decent quotes. The professional service providers are always upfront about the cost of services. The cost of carpet cleaning services generally depends on the sizes of the rooms and the condition they are in.

There are several renovation cleaning companies that come and measure the rooms and provide a quote in person to avoid any confusion. Also, no matter what type of carpet cleaning method people opt for, it is good to consider the pros and cons of all the methods first before deciding on the method. This is vital because choosing the wrong method can destroy the carpet.

The carpet can easily attract dust and debris after renovations have been done so it is important that all your carpets are cleaned; a dirty carpet is a threat to your life because it can cause diseases and infections.

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