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Having trees in the backyard is a good addition to any home. They provide shade from the harsh sunlight and enough air to make the surrounding a little breezy. However, they come with a price, too. Aside from having to sweep off leaves constantly, trees can also affect your roof’s drainage system with its leaves and twigs. Their roots can also block underground drains.

How Tree Roots Block Underground Drains

Pipes are the passageway of water. Even the smallest leak can attract tree roots towards it. Even without a leak, the condensation found outside the sewage can cause the same effect. Once the roots find the drain, they can penetrate the drainage pipes, block water, or even break the pipes themselves.

At the earliest stages, damage may be minimal. The blockage will look like only paper, or other small kitchen materials are causing the problem. Then, it will become worse and worse. In the end, the roots will incur serious damage to the pipes and severe leaking will happen. If you have a big tree near your house, it’s best if you have it investigated by a professional Sydney Plumber right away so that proper measures can be taken.

How to Clear Roots that Block Drains

Payment for clearing tree roots is quite expensive since the job requires a lot of skill and effort. Before the roots are cleared, an extensive investigation is done first. One way of doing the investigation is to attach a CCTV camera to a snake and let it crawl into the pipe until it reaches he clogged portion.

If it is proven that the main cause is tree roots, a plumber will use a hydrojet or electric eel to unblock the drain. Both methods will not prevent the tree roots from growing again, though. Otherwise, a plumber will advise the house owner another solution to the problem.

If the tree roots have gone deeper and caused further damage, then the pipe must be replaced completely. This is more expensive than the previous option.

How to Prevent Tree Roots from Causing Blockage

As it’s always better (and cheaper) to prevent something from happening, you might want to consider taking measures that will avoid having the tree roots from blocking your drains.

During landscaping, consult with a professional arborist and inquire whether or not you can plant a tree in a certain location without endangering your pipes. There are trees that should totally be avoided so you might want to take note of them.

If you already have a blocked drain, and the CCTV camera shows the cause are the tree roots, then it’s better if you remove the tree altogether. If you don’t, the roots will grow back, and you’ll experience the problem again.

If great damage has been done, have the plumber use PVC pipes as replacements as they are stronger than old clay pipes.  It’s also better if you ask him to reline the pipe as it’s more economical.

Never be tempted only to do quick fixes. Those may seem cheaper; however, if you calculate the number of times you’ll have to ask for a plumber’s service again, then you’ll find that you’ll be paying more than when you address the problem directly. Nothing beats getting a lasting solution.

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