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Windows are an essential part of any home; they allow light in and warmth, making any room feels more inviting. However, it can be difficult to choose the right covering to suit both the window and the design of the room. The following tips will ensure your window coverings complement the existing decor and assist in creating a unique and practical space for you:

Home’s Interior


Any room can be made to feel more elegant; like something that belongs to the rich and famous by adding floor to ceiling coverings. The color should be kept neutral and the room accessories must reflect this neutral theme. To avoid overpowering a room it may be necessary to keep the other parts of the window coverings simple. A tie back is always useful and can suggest elegance as the curtains are swept away from the window.

Layering to add fluidity into a room

This has become an increasingly popular trend in recent years. Curtains are layered in several shades of color to create the desired effect. This can be an exceptionally effective tactic when attempting to keep a room light and airy bit also colorful!


Be bold and make a statement with your curtains

Curtains can be used to make a statement. Choose a covering with two distinct colors; such as black and white stripes. The distinct change in colors will draw the eye and enliven any room. Stripes can also be used to increase the feeling of space in a room or even to create an optical illusion! It is even possible to use coverings such as Roman blinds to add dramatic color or floral designs to a room. The coverings are simple which enables the pattern to stand out.

Contemporary allure

Coverings which stay close to the window and hang the entire length of the room will add a touch of glamour to any room. By keeping the fixtures and fittings hidden it can also create very modern, streamlined look.


Of course, you may prefer to create a more homely, feminine or romantic feel to the room and this can be achieved by adding thrills and floral patterns. Allowing the curtains to billow across the window before being secured by a tie back will add to the effect. Soft, flowing and feminine drapes can also add warmth to any room; they can be particularly beneficial in a bathroom.


Combine Styles

A modern look which will guarantee privacy and help to insulate a room is to hang panel curtains in the window space and then cover the window with a blind. The panel can allow light in and add color and feel to the room whilst the blinds ensure maximum privacy and warmth.

Experiment and customize

A custom style can be added to any room without using the services of a professional curtain maker. Never be afraid to experiment and try new things; make your own curtains or add a home -made valance above the curtains by using stencils, spare material or even paint. There is no limit as to what is possible!


Some rooms, particularly kitchens have a lot of straight lines, a good way of breaking these up and improving the flow of the room is to add some curves into the window coverings. A curved valance or even curved bottoms to your blinds can make a huge difference.


It is important to have as much light as possible in your room. However, sometimes there can be too much sunlight in a room; this may make it too hot or even too bright to work in. Light curtains or blinds can help to keep some of the light out without ruining the feel of the room.


The type of material used can make a huge difference to the statement you make in each room of the house. Adding a textured window covering will add a visual talking point and can be used to create a feature in any room.

Make your home look incredible with the coolest window treatments. Mix and match or think outside the box and go for the most unusual combos. Make a statement with bold colors and textures, and customize your curtains to match your own personal style.

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