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Home Renovation

Performing your own home renovations can save you a lot of time and give you the freedom to create exactly what you want. Yet you aren’t likely to have the big, powerful tools that you’ll need to do the job. Sure, maybe you have a power drill, but do you have a jackhammer to tear up an old foundation or a crumbling driveway?
You don’t need to buy these tools since it’s unlikely you’ll have to use them again after your renovation. Here are a few important tools you’ll need to rent for your renovation:

Side Loader Forklift

Side loader forklifts can help you manage heavy loads in tight spaces. A Combilift can carry up to 10,000 pounds, and it can move in multiple directions. That way, the whole unit doesn’t have to turn to get into a space, taking up more room. Just the load can be positioned to get into smaller spots.

Using a side loader forklift is ideal for historical renovations. These homes typically don’t have the open floor plans that provide more room for movement. You can get the supplies in and where you need them without having to take out a wall or a window.

Concrete Mixer

Older homes are bound to have problems with the foundation or to have crumbling driveways or walkways. You might be tempted to mix small amounts of concrete at a time for small walkways, but you’ll really need to rent a concrete mixer for larger jobs and improved efficiency for smaller jobs. Of course, the easiest way to handle the job is to hire someone to do the work for you — which will also ensure that it is done right since concrete work can be tricky.

Floor Sander

Working on a floor with a hand sander can make the job take many times longer than it needs to. Rent an industrial floor sander to get more consistent results and to finish the job in less time. You will refinish your floors much more quickly, or you can prepare your subfloors to better accept the new materials. You can also use the floor sander to level out some unevenness.

Bucket Truck

Home renovations can include landscape renovations. If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars hiring someone to take down the tall trees that threaten your home, you can rent a bucket truck to do it yourself safely. The rental won’t be cheap either, but it can save you a lot of money if you have a lot of trees to take down.
With the right equipment rental, you can perform your home renovations professionally and you can do the work more efficiently. Call ahead to make sure you don’t need any special insurance or license before renting the equipment. You don’t want to see your plans for the day thwarted because you can’t rent the equipment. Also shop around to get the best prices you can.

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