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The water pipes in your home may corrode over time. This is normal, but pipes can last longer when homeowners give time to inspect the plumbing system regularly.

It’s easy to tell whether there is a pipe problem or not. However, a lot of people fail to notice it unless it is already grave. Regular inspection will give you the chance to know if the pipes are still in good condition and solve possible pipe problems before they even become grave. It is especially recommended for those living in older homes since their fixtures are more prone to breakage.

So how can you tell if your pipes are worn out? The clues listed below will give you ideas on what to look for when checking the pipelines.

  1. Leaks

A water leak is a common sign that the pipe is worn out. Leaks lead to mildew accumulation and as moisture encourages molds to thrive, you might be exposing your family to health risks. If you notice that the pipe is deteriorated, then it’s about time to replace it.

  1. Stains

Stain under the sink and/or discoloration of the wall is an evidence of a water pipe issue. There’s most probably a leak present when you see stains on walls or ceilings, especially those underneath a bathroom floor. Check any warping or traces of stains. Trace them and look for the source of the leak. Once you have identified the source, call for immediate action and hire the nearest local plumber.

  1. Tube corrosion

The high acid content of the water can damage the tubes. If you have been using the copper pipes for long time, the water reactions can cause corrosion. When flaking or dimpling appears on the pipe tubing, there’s a possibility of tube corrosion. There’s no fix for tube corrosion so you are required to buy pipe replacement.

  1. Discolored water

Seek help from a plumber if you notice discolored water coming from the faucet. Water discoloration is an implication that rust is present in the pipes. Rust hardens water and affects its taste. If you encounter this problem, don’t use the faucet until the plumber has fixed the problem. Otherwise, you will be exposing yourself and your family to health problems.

  1. Age of pipe

If you move to a house that has been around for decades, it’s best that you check the condition of the water pipes. These pipes might have gathered dust already so you need to get them cleaned. They may also be too worn out for usage. In which case, call a professional plumber and have them replaced with new ones.


Looking for signs that the pipes are not in good condition should be observed and implemented by homeowners regularly. With the help of a professional plumber, you can easily detect issues regarding the pipeline or water system. If there are implications of pipe problems, have it fixed the soonest possible time. Unattended worn out pipes can only cause further damage.

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