There is much talk lately of how robots could help us in our daily life and facilitate our daily work. To make you lunch or you aspire the ground effortlessly and is a breakthrough, but experts suggest that this is just the beginning. How far can we go?

Recently we have discovered the robot named Jibo. This small device that causes quite tender, it is presented in the promotional video almost like one of the family. It is responsible for entertaining the kids, reading stories, making family photos.

Honestly, the idea of having one is quite attractive. But this little robot-pet is just one example of many similar devices designed to start very shortly come into your house. Without going any further, Jibo be available in late 2015 for about $ 500.

The ‘peliculeras’ theories about robots Jibo would aim to wake up at night with some evil and become the most dangerous robot on the face of the earth. But without falling into science fiction beyond the reality that lies ahead, there may be no fear Jibo, but the proliferation of these small machines are gradually replacing humans.

A good reason to fear robots is the ease with which we are becoming machines. Gradually we begin with smartphones, which are now an extension of your arm.

Now we see the wearable are part of our daily life, making any everyday object in technology, such as a bracelet, a watch or a shirt. And Google already goggles look among the more fortunate giving a completely different view. Moreover, it seems that smart lenses are just around the corner, so we would have the technology even within our body.

Another reason is stealing jobs. In Spain we can not boast that we work on and the idea that a robot replace us, for example in a production line, you can give quite scary. At the moment they are sent into space to do research because, obviously, they are much more efficient. Will the new workers in the future?

Our fears come a little further to see films like her. It seems almost impossible, but what if you got to fall in love with your robot? Of course, the relationship would be complicated in some ways, but perhaps easier in others: off and ready.

It peliculeros putting a little more, it is written very sight and the situation in which the robots dominate humans and eventually invade the planet. We do not want to get you scared, but better stop right off your smart vacuum tonight.

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