For years we hearing rumors about the alleged gadgets that Microsoft was devising and designing to make our homes super smart homes. Households would chat with you and you would know to the point of knowing what you need at all times. Come on, what a smart home or a connected home.

Despite the announcements and promotional videos about the confusing concept that the multinational decided to baptize as Smart Home, we still did not see clear and a little something out of a science fiction movie.

But history has shown us that reality often exceeds our imagination and it seems that we are closer to a screen face recognition we ‘allow’ enter our homes without using the key.

It is true that it was not until relatively recently when it has begun to use more frequently, and the more companies, the Smart Home concept. However, with the landing of the Internet of Things everything makes much more realism and seems closer the day when our homes are robots.

But what really means that our house will be intelligent? Rather than have its own brain is connected, it will be a hyper space with all electronics that we already have in our home and our new favorite friends mobile devices ( smartphones, tablets or wearables ).

In short, from your mobile you can ‘talk’ to your house, whether you left the lights on, know what temperature does in your home and regulate it, or whether the coffee continues to function when it really should not be making coffee because they nobody’s home.

More than a house of the future filled with robots who sense when we are good or when we twisted day, electronic household is more or less like we have now, but more connected. During the Mobile World Congress, held earlier this month in Barcelona, we could discover new gadgets that will join the future our homes soon.

Nubo. Panasonic introduced the first 4G connected camera that lets you control your home in pictures without having wifi. This feature not only allows you to take a look inside your house, but in the surrounding area (if you’re lucky enough to have a garden all to yourself, of course).

AT & T is making a strong bid for smart homes and took their place in the MWC this year. What he proposes is a app, Digital Life and Drive, which lets you check your home from the car while you wait long traffic jams (never while driving). Using your voice you can open or close doors or turn on or off the lights in your house.

Meanwhile, LG showed us a magic mirror, yes like Snow White but a bit more digital. With the use of a mirror this Android app analyze your complexion after requires to the small screen that will appear in a corner of the mirror.

You will perform and diagnose skin conditions and even you can recommend some other cosmetic that you need for that day (not all are good).

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