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has always been seen that men are responsible for solving these home situations, however in this article I want to show you that women can also Plumbing has been a headache for us women, since we do not know how to solve such a problem and get out of trouble when it comes to these cases. It solve the plumbing problems that we have at home.

Skills for Solving Common Plumbing Problems

According to plumbers, almost 60% of the notices they receive are to repair minor breakdowns. In his opinion these could be resolved by any passionate about this area.

This means that you can save a lot of money by solving some of the problems that arise with domestic plumbing yourself. Who said housewives can’t fix household pipes? And just as we can also learn the rest of the people who live in the house. From now on you will be an expert in plumbing and will not depend on a male figure to put an end to these problems.

Solution to plumbing problems

Sometimes there are domestic situations such as a leak in the pipe or a faucet breaks and we find our hands tied for not knowing how to repair it. For this reason we will learn to solve the most common problems of plumbing.

How to plug leaks in pipes:

In these cases you have to act very quickly. Naturally, the first thing to do is cut off the water by closing the corresponding stopcock, especially if the leak is of some importance.

Leaving aside the classic idea we all have of placing a container just below the leak and believing that the problem is solved, there is a simple way to repair this damage.

An easy temporary repair is to cover the entire area where the leak is with plastic tape. Logically this solution is valid only when the leak is small. For the tape to grip well, you have to thoroughly dry the pipe and wind 2 or 3 overlapping layers in a spiral.

There are also waterproofing agents that serve to indefinitely stop these boats of water. As well as patches with substances similar to waterproofing agents are effective in these cases.

Leaky taps:

leaky tape

All taps for domestic use, of whatever type, old or new, work with fixes. Despite this, it has been found that individual taps on the latest models are not easy to fix. Fortunately, these faucets do not leak often, and when they do, there is always the resource of disassembling them and replacing the entire internal mechanism with a completely new one.

When the tap starts to drip without stopping, this causes us discomfort and what we do is tighten the tap with all the strength. But this effort is in vain, since with that we only manage to make things worse. Applying too much pressure on the faucet will damage the leather or rubber inside the faucet.

This repair is super simple to do, you just have to change the rubber of the tap and that’s it. But for that you must have all the necessary tools such as: universal pliers, a spanner, a screwdriver and the little tools to change them. Once you have all this, you have to disassemble the tap, analyze it for a few minutes and get to work.

How to unclog the drains

unclog drains

A clear indication of a clogged pipe is when it begins to drain slowly. This is when a blockage begins to form at some point in the pipeline and will eventually collapse or rust it.

Sometimes this situation is quickly resolved by pouring a pot of boiling water into the sink or using a plunger product. If this does not work, it is because the problem is more serious. For that, let’s see what you can do in these cases:

Clean the drain grate very well, removing hair and food remains.

  1. If it’s still clogged, dip your hand into the water and place it over the drain opening, palm down. Now pump the water by making palm up and down movements with light pressure. This will make the water circulate normally.
  2. If the procedures described above have not been the solution, you can try cleaning the pipe bend located under the sink.
  3. With all these practical ways to solve plumbing problems, you no longer have to beg your husband to a friend to fix the pipes in your house. Now you can do it yourself!

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