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I don’t know about you, but I have always been an interior design maniac—a bonafide home aesthetics junkie. Ever since I can remember, I’ve recalled the spaces more than the places, beautiful interiors standing out in my memory more than the architecture itself.  As such, over the years, I have become quite the connoisseur, and if there’s one thing I’ve noticed, it is that people’s furniture is often at odds with the rest of their décor. So much inconsistent design can be alleviated by simply purchasing full living room sets!

Maybe it’s that initial upfront expense or just the way people get used to cobbling together mismatched couches and recliners as they come upon them. But without fail, someone’s walls and floors can be a perfectly executed theory of color balance and matching texture while their couches and chairs sit there mutely, contradicting everything else. There are thousands of options out there, so there is absolutely no reason to let your living room set clash with the rest of the home.

You can reject tradition and go for a funky style mash-up or lean into the familiar and coordinate with the rest of the house. It’s up to you. There is no universal style, no motif that everyone likes. So, what do you want to walk into? Or to quote Marie Kondo, What sparks joy? Not just coming in from outside but transitioning from room to room; the living room furniture will be the 1st impression for many guests and your initial feeling when entering the room. Goodness knows it can be tempting to shop by price and convenience alone, but when you use a site with a low-price guarantee and home delivery, you have the best of all worlds as you Follow Your Bliss as you Keep The Bottom Line.

I know that when we remodeled our living room last year, the paint and the floors really transformed the space, but it wasn’t until we got our new living room set that it all came together. You won’t be sitting on the floors or resting against the walls nearly as much as you will the collection of furniture in your living room. As long as you stick to respected manufacturers, any money you spend on living room seating will be money well spent.  Just after your bed, it’s where you spend the most hours at home.

That is doubly true for the Type A’s out there, who are never sitting still, always need to be doing something. When you do finally get a chance to catch a breath, it should be on a surface that not only cushions your body but relaxes the mind as well. Just like a new car will make you look for little errands to run just to get out driving around, a new living room set can be just the thing to inspire the entertaining of guests and socializing in your home. Make your home the center of your social circle with confidence, or simply get the most out of your space by not ignoring the very thing that room was meant to hold.

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