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The outdoor ottoman is a functional and decorative element. In addition to having the function of furnishing, you can sit and relax in front of a cold drink or reading a good book. There are many outdoor poufs on the market, with different styles and made with the most varied materials.

The pouf refers to a soft and soft sensation in the very etymology of the word, which is a clear onomatopoeia, to a comfortable and comfortable seat. For this reason, the best furniture brands try to combine fabrics and padding with wooden, wicker or iron structures or to insert the inflatable seat in equipped walls and more complex, original, and unique scaffolding.

Forget about the usual pouf that is placed at the foot of the bed. The outdoor pouf is a modern and contemporary version of chic industrial inspiration, made of elastic, flexible and modular fabrics to give a touch of personality to the garden and the outdoor area.

In this buying guide to the best outdoor pouf, you will know all the features to be evaluated, the models, and some proposals on Amazon, including the five best sellers in the furniture sector.

Many types of outdoor ottoman!

The best-known and most traditional model that immediately springs to mind is the outdoor beanbag, a stable and voluminous beanbag usually filled with EPS beads and upholstered in soft fabric. It is a sort of chaise longue but ultra soft and elastic that adapts and takes the shape of whoever sits on it. A ottoman pouf like this envelops the person and therefore has rather large dimensions. In addition to being comfortable must be covered with a waterproof fabric suitable for outdoor use.

The best outdoor ottoman poufs can also be inserted by the sea, even ashore for a magnificent luxury resort experience: the fabrics must therefore be water-repellent and waterproof. They must not fade in the sun but protect themselves from UV rays and resist algae and mushrooms.

The outdoor satellite chaise, also called bean-shaped chair, has a curvy and rounded shape, with soft and rounded lines: the best for decorating in the garden, the aperitif corner and the poolside. 

outdoor ottoman

Rocket outdoor ottoman pouf and rectangular armchairs:

Among the most popular outdoor ottoman pouf armchairs, the so-called rockets resemble Japanese futons, longer and narrower: they can accommodate more people and become comfortable seats for an aperitif and a snack in the company.

In addition to these versions of extendable outdoor ottoman pouf armchairs that are very reminiscent of the small outdoor lounge. It is smaller and more compact outdoor ottoman poufs can also be found on the market. It is suitable for small sizes and terraces. These are types of honeymoon seats. Outdoor ottoman poufs used on a honeymoon on a boat and a cruise, always in outdoor but smaller environments.

They have oval shapes (like the moon). They are colorful and tasty to the eye, like many sugared almonds.

Giant cushions and accessories for a super nice and comfortable outdoor ottoman pouf

The so-called more creative padded buttons are designed as giant cushions in which the shape is precisely deconstructed: they are minimal chic and perfect for a contemporary garden.

Instead, those who prefer a more industrial style can buy outdoor metal poufs, seats inserted in light and generally modular and modular structures.

The importance of materials and coatings:

As we mentioned earlier, a self-respecting outdoor ottoman pouf must have quality upholstery and fabrics, resistant to UV rays, with colors that do not fade, water repellent and waterproof.

The outdoor ottoman pouf must withstand certain weather conditions such as rain, humidity, sand, sea water and salt, algae, fungi and bacteria. In summary, whatever the design of the seat, it is essential to evaluate specific performances such as the quality of the fabrics, comfort and durability over time, and course to the color and pattern that you like best. 

Each room has its outdoor ottoman pouf

Each furniture and location recalls its outdoor ottoman pouf: the armchair chaise longue or the sack is good for a large garden, or for the poolside of a villa by the sea, in the countryside, in a resort.

For a terrace, a balcony, or a pergola where to have a small aperitif, you can use the so-called pouf buttons with giant cushions, while the metal ones are ideal on the beach or in seaside restaurants to eat a plate of fish while enjoying the view.

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