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Spring is right around the corner, and this means it’s time to get back outdoors to enjoy the warmer weather and longer, brighter days. Unfortunately, your happiness will be immediately delayed if you find that your deck or patio is in need of some sprucing up. Consider these four options for improving the state of your deck or patio, and let the onset of spring commence.

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Have Your Deck Sealed and Stained

While this can often be a good idea before winter weather comes, there’s no reason not to commit to it before spring. After all, sealing can protect your deck from intense rain and snow, but it can also be effective at protecting the wood from the harsh rays of the sun day after day. Meanwhile, adding stain during an exterior remodeling arvada project guarantees not only added protection from the elements, but a lovely refresher of color to your outdoor space.

Incorporate Lighting Around Your Patio

Nothing is more welcoming than the bright, sunny light of early spring mornings. However, once the sun goes down, it makes for a beautiful setting to have lighting that keeps the brightness going into the nighttime hours. Hang string lights around your railings, or have lighting installed in various areas around your yard for a fully-immersed, festive garden feel.

Replace Old Railings With New, Decorative Options

Speaking of railings, it can be tedious to start decorating your outdoor space only to have it muddied by the appearance of splitting wooden posts or rusted spindles. Opt for an overhaul of your railings, choosing new cable varieties for a classy, modern touch, or options with vintage geometric patterns and shapes surrounding your deck that add a unique, retro spin to the mix.

Add Endless Furnishings for Cozy Comfort

Bringing the inside out is always a great way to extend your entertaining space. Adding some additional patio furniture for comfortable seating is crucial for springtime parties and family gatherings, tossing in lots of throw pillows and perhaps an outdoor rug for optimal coziness. Step it up another notch with some extra ambience, including hanging plants around the edges of your roof or pergola, or a fire pit designed to bring people closer together to fight off the lingering winter chill. 

No matter how you choose to improve your deck or patio space, any of these four ideas can be a great starting point for creating an inviting outdoor environment, just in time for the sun to come out.

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