Every once in a while you would look at your bedroom and think maybe it’s time to get new furniture! After a few years of use, any furniture will start to look dated and uninviting. A fresh new look to your bedroom can breathe life into it. Who doesn’t want a bedroom that is not only comfortable but also looks great?

But updating bedroom furniture can be a daunting task. There’s just so many options out there that knowing what to look for and where to start looking is already a chore by itself. To help you decide on this significant decision, consider the following six tips.
1. Bedroom size and available space
You need to plan around the layout of your bedroom. Measure the width and the length so that you can allocate specific portions for furniture. You can also draw how you want the layout to look once you are done redecorating. The perfect ration between furniture and floor space is crucial so that your bedroom does not end up too crowded or too empty.

2. Furniture style
The style of bedroom furniture you select is all a matter of preference. You can go for traditional romantic styles or lean towards modern and minimalist. If you are slightly challenged in this area, you can always take inspiration from bedroom furniture legends in interior design.

3. Bed requirements
Some people end up buying a bed solely based on the design without considering other factors like height, footboard, and headboard options. Naturally, if you are a tall person, the size of the bed is a prime consideration. A bed with a low footboard will allow you to stretch more comfortably, while a bed with a high footboard is perfect for people who hate tucking sheets.

Apart from choosing the perfect bed that suits your needs, you also need to consider the kind of mattress that will go along with it. People with specific health conditions may also need to evaluate what type of mattress provides optimum comfort.

4. Nightstands and chests
A bedroom set is not complete without a nightstand and bedside chest. These serve as extensions to the bed and are convenient locations for placing personal items like your phone, reading glasses, and a glass of water. Since nightstands come in a set of two, make sure that when you are planning room for new furniture, there should be ample space for both on either side of the bed.

5. Dressers, chests, and armoires
Deciding whether you need a dresser, chest, or an armoire depends on space availability as well as the function of each type of furniture. A chest is multifunctional and does not take up much room. It is usually tall and consists of drawers for storing folded clothing. A dresser comes with a mirror but also has drawers which two people can share. On the other hand, an armoire is an excellent option if you need space for hanging clothes. You can always combine several pieces of furniture to store personal items and clothes depending on what you like and the area available in your room.



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