The holiday season is upon us and everyone is getting ready to see all of their family and friends at holiday parties. Many people will plan holiday parties in advance, but there are those occasions when a host will need to throw a last minute party together because of some unforeseen circumstances.

This could make even the most seasoned host panic and think that there is no possible way to throw a party together on such short notice.

There is no need to panic just yet. There are a lot of last-minute things that hosts can do to make their holiday party just as good if not better than a party that took months to plan.

Hosts can do a lot of little things themselves to make their home comfortable for guests and serve everyone perfectly. What’s more is that all of these things can be done in one day before the party. Here is how any host can prep for a last minute party in one day.

Clean up the big clutter

Hosts who are in a hurry should never waste time trying to make their house spotless before a holiday party. Instead, they should focus on just clearing out the big clutter in the home to make sure guests do not feel too cramped. For example, use all the old magazines to make a quick end table.

Keep the entertainment basic

Hosts will want to have some entertainment ready, but no matter how much time if left before the party, entertainment should be simple and accessible for everyone. Having these types of entertainment available will ensure that no one is every bored and the party will stay lively.

Hosts can easily upgrade their Direct TV in Indianapolis to have more channels for everyone, set up a card game or plan some simple holiday trivia to keep everyone talking and happy.

Add something fresh

A fresh home is always more inviting and comfortable for guests. Hosts can easily fake a fresh home with some simple additions. Fresh flowers are always a good choice. Otherwise, hosts can use essential oil diffusers to make their home smell fresh and clean.

Utilize basic Christmas lights

Hosts should never underestimate the value of a simple string of Christmas lights as decoration. Hosts can use just a string of lights for a lot of different purposes to make the home feel brighter and more festive. This is a great way to mix in holiday décor with the rest of the home quickly.

Stock up on low-prep food and drinks

Food and drinks is also an item that hosts can panic over at the last minute. Hosts should focus on getting food and drink that is easy and fast to prep the day before. Some ideas for food include soups, cheese and crackers, and simple dips that can be easily left out during the day for people to snack on. Hosts can also grab a lot of bottled drinks that allow people to help themselves and avoid having a lot of glasses around the house.

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