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Welcome people into your home by placing cool doormats at the entrance. First impressions matter the most; and when you’re at someone’s door preparing to knock, the first thing you see is the front door mat. Does it look inviting, modern and clean, or is it rather boring and really dirty? What’s the first thing that comes into mind when stepping on a dusty doormat? You certainly don’t feel welcome; that’s why your home should have the coolest mats. This way everyone at your door will feel invited and comfortable.

Functional purpose
Before buying the most beautiful and appealing mat that you can find on the market, you should pay a little attention to function. Doormats are meant to scrape off dirt and grime from people’s feet. It is important to invest in mats made of quality, durable materials such as rubber or coir. These trap dirt and they don’t allow chemicals and bacteria inside your home. This way your home’s floor is preserved clean, as well as the air inside your residence.
Size & thickness
Now let’s pay a little more attention to size and thickness. Prior to investing in a doormat, you should measure your door’s width. A mat should have 80-85% of the general size of the front door. You can go bigger if you’d like, but not smaller. Your guests should be able to walk with both feet comfortably onto the mat. As far as the thickness is concerned, make sure that when you open the door, the mat doesn’t move out of place. A mat that’s thinner is more comfortable and convenient to use because it is easier to clean and maintain.

There are so many interesting doormats you can choose from, now that you’ve decided on material, size and width. It all depends on the type of person you are. If you and your family are funny people with a really developed sense of humor, then you might want to check out these cool ideas:

“Go Away”/”Leave” doormat – selecting a doormat with such a suggestive message will instantly grab people’s attention. Those who don’t know you at all might actually leave; however your neighbors and friends will surely appreciate the sarcasm.

“Bad Dog”/”Evil Cat” doormat – if you’re an animal person with a sense of humor, this idea will definitely appeal to people knocking on your door. Make sure the mat is as suggestive as possible. Maybe go for a mat with images of a dogs or cat paws, just to add more flair to the mat’s design.

Seasonal doormat – seasonal doormats are really cool. A coir mat with autumn leaves imprinted, and a nice message like “Welcome Autumn” will instantly grab the attention of your guests. It will show them that you’re a considerate home owner with a keen interest in interior and exterior décor. By placing this type of mat at the entrance you “force” them to picture the inside of your home too. A Christmas-inspired doormat will immediately make guests imagine that your home is beautifully decorated with winter ornaments.

Stylish doormats are incredibly appealing to people’s senses. A properly placed mat with an interesting design will make guests curious. They’ll want to know more about what hides behind that front door, and of course, they’ll want to get to know you. Welcome them with a wink. Invest in a top quality mat and pay more attention to design. There are so many models you can find in the marketplace that it will probably be a real challenge to make a single choice.

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