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Solar panels are usually self-cleaning but where the panel tilt is minimal or in particularly dry areas, dust or other dirts can build up over time and have an adverse impact on the amount of electricity which has been generated by any module. Bird poop or grime doesn’t need to cover the entire panel in order to have an effect; if they’re there, they will definitely have an impact on the electricity consumption. Solar panels don’t have any moving parts and hence there’s not any whole lot of maintenance which has to be taken care of. Cleaning is one aspect of maintaining your solar panel and you shouldn’t take this lightly if you have a solar panel placed on your rooftop. The concerns of this article will deal with the tips that you have to follow in order to clean solar panels in a proper manner.

Cleaning solar panels – The how-tos

Here are 5 steps that you need to take in order to clean your solar panels.

  1. The first step that you need to take is to check with the solar panel manufacturer as they might have some definite recommendations for cleaning the machine.
  2. During scorching heat when the sun rays are strong, solar panels can become incredibly hot. During such times, you should either clean your solar panels in the morning or you should choose a relatively cooler day to do such stuffs.
  3. First try with your garden hose and check if it can do the cleaning job for you. In case there’s a lot of dirt and dust that has been accumulated, you may require cleaning more thoroughly.
  4. Fill up a spray bottle or a bucket with soap or warm water and you won’t require any other special equipment for cleaning.
  5. Clean up the surface of the solar panel with a sponge or soft cloth and make sure you don’t clean the wiring which is placed underneath.

Cleaning your solar panels – Why should you do so?

We all are aware of the fact that dust, dirt, bird droppings and pollen can adversely affect the efficiency of the solar panel. Recently Google conducted a groundbreaking experiment at their solar farm in Mountain View, California. They’ve found out after surveying that cleaning the solar panel is the number one way of maximizing the energy which they produce. Clearing those solar panels which is being used for more than 15 months doubled the output of electricity. The same study also concluded that rain can never be a satisfying option for cleaning the solar panels. Solar panels which were cleaned professionally through the help of solar panel cleaning service in Sydney, had a 15% higher output of electricity compared to all those panels which are cleaned by rain.

In most places there is more pollution during winter and this is why spring is perhaps the best time to do annual cleaning. Hence, make sure you clean it either yourself or get it cleaned professionally.

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