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After browsing through Longueuil real estate listings and going through the home buying process, you’re now ready to move to your new home in Quebec. The last thing you want is to deal with problems with your moving company, right?

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind before you move to your new home.

  1. Give yourself some time before moving.

Give yourself enough lead-time for your move.  Keep in mind that you are not only transporting your valuables. You have other things to do as well, like saying goodbye to your old friends, and easing your way out of your old neighborhood.

  1. Finding the right moving firm

Transporting your valuables isn’t cheap. You’ll be shocked at the fees charged by movers, so you might want to call several professional companies first and ask for quotes.

The price isn’t the only consideration when choosing a moving firm. You should also ask the moving company if they are bonded.  You should also inquire about storage, and if the items that are being moved are insured.

  1. Pack strategically. If you’re to pack your own belongings, here’s one tip to remember— pack as if you are camping out for a week. Include bedding and items for the kitchen as well, like pots and basic cooking utensils.

Clearly mark the boxes so that you can easily distinguish them from the rest. You can even add more details on the labels so you would know exactly what’s inside the boxes.  For example, write “Kitchen pots and pans” on the outside the box.

  1. Choose a good schedule. The most hectic season for movers is summer. Naturally, the fees charged by movers are high during this season.

But there’s a benefit to it- you can easily meet people during this time of the year because everyone is enjoying the outdoors. You can also see what your new neighborhood is like.

You must also remember that moving firms charge higher rates at the beginning and end of the month. Rates are also high on weekends. If you can move midweek or midmonth, then you can save a few dollars.

  1. Manage stress. Moving to a new location can be stressful to certain members of the family. It can take some time for children to adjust to their new surroundings. As a parent, understand that it can take a few months before your children get used to their new environment.

You can help your child adjust by maintaining a routine. So whether you love going out every Friday night, or taking your dog for a walk in the park on Saturdays, continue doing these activities even when you move to your new home.

Remember these things before you relocate to Quebec, and you should be on your way to a less stressful move.

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