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Renovated apartment with pillars seen
In the Brazilian city of Sao Paolo, found this wonderful studio apartment with views pillars. Its owner, fascinated by the clean designs and sculptural concrete point, entrusted the comprehensive reform project housing team SAO architecture.

In order to achieve practical and informal settings for friends and above all, very comfortable, and Simone Alexandre Carneiro Skaff faced the reform of this apartment, located in an eight-story building, which dates from 1970 Architects decided to pull walls and beams and pillars left to see: an open environment, the natural light flowing unimpeded public rooms concentrated.

In the living area, a red sofa sets chromatic counterpoint decor marked by neutral tones. The chair Redondo, of Patricia Urquiola for Italian brand Moroso, defines this environment. The tables are rotated Danish design. The concrete wall gives personality to the space.

The sitting area of the room was completed with the chair Flag Halyard Chair, Designed by Hans Wegner : an ideal spot to lie down to read, watch TV or disconnect. Combines combines wood, chrome iron, flag halyard (wire braided polyester) and a wonderful sheepskin long hair.

In the dining room, a wood oval table, the Brazilian company Etel, was accompanied by six chairs wooden, Scandinavian design: they are the J104 model, designer Joergen Baekmark to There.

In the reform, the terrace joined inside the apartment, so that it became a classroom environment more. The different materials used to coat the floor -tarima, in the classroom and hydraulic tiles on the terrace, as well as two heights from the ground, the boundaries of this space from the rest of the room, where the living area is located and the dining room.

The kitchen is another space where is visible weakness owner for the “beauty” of concrete. Centre furniture and appliances, online, the kitchen is perfectly integrated into the wall.

Seen concrete pillars and walls are also repeated in the bedroom, where there is access to the terrace. In this case, the concrete wall replaces the traditional headboard and serves as a shelf.

In line with the proposal of simplicity that dominates throughout the apartment, materials and color ranges were unified in an all in perfect harmony.

The 190 sqm of housing this rectangular are distributed in a nearly open space, which are distinguished on the one hand the common areas, lounge, dining room and kitchen, and on the other the bedroom with bathroom. The apartment has with a great terrace integra²da inside the apartment, which runs through the front of the facade.

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