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Existing Patio Set

As long as your existing patio set is in good condition, there are a few upgrades that you can make that will make it look and feel like new without spending a lot of money. With this advice from Wicker Paradise, your patio set will be looking pristine with just a few upgrades.

Cleaning the set to remove dirt and any other kind of debris will make a big difference. Use replacement patio cushions instead of trying to wash the cushions that you currently have. You can get something new and vibrant that will offer a cheerful look to the furniture set.

If you’re looking for elegant colors and those that are a bit sophisticated, then consider getting Lloyd Flanders cushions. They are soft and are easy to care for as you can usually simply wipe them off or take the cover off to put in the washing machine. Another option for upgrading your patio set is to transform a cooler into an ottoman or a side table. Decorate the sides with colors to match your patio set, and you have a fun way to keep drinks cold while sitting outside.

When you get cushions for outdoor furniture, you need to find something that has an interior that repels water. If the moisture sits for a long time in the material, then it can begin to mold, which can show through on the cover. Decorative pillows can be used with your set as well.

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