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Many homeowners have started to become increasingly concerned about the amount of energy that they use, and are planning to cut it down. The perfect time to focus on cutting down your home’s energy consumption is when you are carrying out home renovations, as there is an incredible number of renovations that could help you to revamp your energy use and reduce your carbon footprint.

1.   Install New Windows

One of the first options that most people choose when they are looking to invest in home renovations that could improve their energy usage is new windows. Many homes still have single glazed windows in them. This means that heat can easily escape through the glass. Not only this, but, if your windows are poorly fitted, you may find that drafts are coming in through the gap between the glass and the wood or the uPVC frame that it is fixed to. Then, you should consider hiring companies such as Windows West Midlands, which can help you to install windows that have excellent energy ratings.

2.   Restore Your Attic Insulation

Many homeowners forget that one of the areas of your home that energy escapes from the most is their attic. This is because heat rises. Then, rather than allow this heat to disperse into the atmosphere, you should consider restoring your attic insulation. By replacing the insulation in your home, you will be ensuring that more of the heat that you generate can stay trapped within your property and that you do not have to crank the thermostat up high to feel the effects of this energy.

3.   Renew Your Radiators

However, many homeowners have the same radiators as they had generations ago. These radiators are often inefficient and in need of repair, even if this is as simple as bleeding the radiator to reduce the number of air bubbles within it. Replacing your radiators completely, though, can allow your rooms to heat up much faster, which can reduce the need to turn up your heating so high or for so long.

4.   Install a Smart Thermostat

If you want to introduce more technology into your home, the first step that you should take should be to install a smart thermostat. These smart devices can allow you to better control the amount of energy that you are using remotely, and can allow you to set up a timer on your thermostat. This will enable your family to check that they are only using the energy that they need.

5.   Invest in Efficient Appliances

A lot of your energy consumption comes from your appliances, though, including your kitchen gadgets. Then, when you are deciding to conduct home renovations, you should consider replacing all of your white goods. You can check whether they are eco-friendly or not by looking at their energy ratings.

6.   Get a New Boiler

The most important element of your home’s energy use, though, is your boiler. Old boilers can lose heat as water will be stored in the boiler for a long time, and you will also struggle to get instant hot water from them. Then, you should consider swapping your conventional boiler for a newer or an electric alternative, which are often known to be more energy efficient.


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