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In the face of any domestic electrical problem, the most important thing is always that your safety and that of all members of the household is guaranteed. Therefore, you must know the risks associated with performing any type of electrical maintenance at home. If you consider the following recommendations, you will always emerge unscathed from a home electrical repair.electrical problems

There is no electricity? Determine if the problem is internal or external

Frequently, power outages originate outside the home, although the first thing we think is that something is wrong only in ours. First, check with your neighbors if they have the same problem to find out.

If the problem is internal, it is best to call a professional Pinto electrician to help you detect what it is and solve it in time. If it is external, it is the responsibility of the electricity company to solve it .

Repeat problems: Better to solve them before they become serious

Sometimes breakdowns appear in certain parts of a home, and no matter how much they are repaired, they reproduce again after a while.

This can lead to a more serious electrical installation problem. If we apply a patch every time it is re-presented, over time, that failure could become more complicated, increasing the chances of generating a short circuit, overloads in the electrical system and even fires. Therefore, you call electricity company.

Light bulbs or appliances that don’t work

If you have a bulb that is not working, change it to other sockets to detect if the problem is related to the bulb itself or if it is in the installation of that point. Before carrying out these maneuvers, make sure to disconnect the electricity to the house at the electrical panel (it is almost always located at the entrance of the house) and turn down the main switch.

Perform the same operation if you have a problem with an appliance, test each outlet until you detect the element that fails. When you’re done, remember to flip the main switch again.

If it is a serious problem or there are doubts, it is best to go to a professional electrician

If there are doubts or ignorance about the type of electrical problem we have, it is best to delegate it to an expert to avoid dangers. If any aspect of your electrical installation falters and you do not know it, it could lead to undesirable consequences and greater dangers in the general system.

A professional company is characterized by the speed and quality of work, in addition to generally offering a guarantee. If it is a blackout, short circuit or fuse problem, these are problems that need to be fixed in time. Therefore, it is essential to have at hand the telephone number of the best electricity company in Madrid .

Home electrical faults that an electrician must fix

Change a plug

This repair is very common in most homes. If an electrical appliance begins to fail on and / or off for no apparent reason, it is most likely that the plug is failing, requiring a new one to be replaced. But in the event that you have suffered a more serious type of breakdown, do not hesitate to call your electric company.

Electric panels

Problems related to the electrical panel in a home must be solved by a specialized electrician. A frequent problem related to the electrical panel is related to the falls of the light . The reason for this is generally due to the circuit being overloaded, which means that more appliances are connected than the electrical installation can support. In this case, you can increase the electrical power or decrease the number of electrical appliances connected at the same time.

Preventive maintenance of electrical installations

In this type of maintenance, a qualified electrician generally performs a general inspection to check if all electrical installations are working properly . Preventive maintenance is more common in large homes or in businesses such as restaurants and shopping centers, however, it is feasible and effective to avoid electrical damage in any home.

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