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scorpionsInhabitants of the southern United States, scorpions are a common household pest in many homes. One of the most common is the Arizona bark scorpion, which can grow as long as three inches and has a venomous sting that is especially dangerous to children and the elderly. If you have scorpions around your house, take the proper steps for removal to ensure everyone’s safety.

Get Rid of Temptation in Your House

Scorpions thrive on the moisture and food they can find in your home. To deter them from entering through cracks and crevices, begin by removing any excess moisture. Look for small leaks in corners, crawl spaces and other dark areas. You should also prevent puddles from forming around your home.

Next, you’ll need to remove their food source. Scorpions eat insects to survive, so it is important to do things to ensure you aren’t attracting bugs into your home. This includes cleaning up crumbs and washing dishes as soon as you’re done eating, protecting your baseboards and under sinks with borax or diatomaceous earth, and spraying insecticide around the outside of your home.

Finally, get rid of places scorpions might call home. Keep cardboard and other clutter off the floor and ensure closets are organized. The exterior of your home should be free of overgrown bushes, wood, and yard clippings.

Seal Your Home

Scorpions are fairly small as it is and seemingly become even smaller when they slip into openings in your home. In fact, they can crawl through something as small as a credit card. To prevent them from getting inside, seal your home. Use caulk to fill in any open areas in your walls, foundation, and baseboards. Ensure windows all seal correctly when closed and check that doors do the same.

Go Scorpion Hunting

The thought may make you queasy, but scorpion hunting isn’t as scary as it seems. Purchase an ultraviolet light so you can see scorpions around your property in the dark. You will also need a pair of long-handled tweezers or heavy boots to stab or step on the scorpions as you find them. Look in foliage, under rocks, and anywhere else that would make a good hiding spot. Look on walls of your home or other buildings on the property. Spray these with bee and wasp spray, but steer clear in case they fall.

Call a Professional

Maybe you aren’t comfortable hunting scorpions or perhaps you want to make double sure that your home is protected. If this is the case, feel free to call a professional company to help you. One such as Best Choice Pet & Termite Services has the experience and professionalism needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently. No matter which company you choose, be sure it specializes in working with scorpions so you don’t spend money on a service that isn’t up to standards.

The southern United States is rich in culture, history, and architecture and is a great place to settle down to raise a family or even to retire. By taking the proper steps to protect your home from scorpions, you ensure a safe, comfortable living environment.

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