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When we want to make a reform we have to value many things.

Whether it is to reform at home, in an office, in a room or in any room, always, always, you have to pay attention to several factors and be willing to spend time supervising the project.

Otherwise, anger, misunderstandings and stress can arise.

It is true that it can be overwhelming to fixate on so many things at first. Measure properly, design the plans, choose the different guilds in charge of each task, assess budgets, choose materials, colors, decoration, lighting, furniture …

What a ruckus! Therefore, the more controlled the process is, the better the result will be.

Hence the importance of delegating and entrusting the project in good hands, in the hands of professionals who will accompany you and advise you to face the reform process in the best way.

Therefore, there is the figure of the interior designer and the architect. They are professional experts who prevent any detail from going unnoticed or forgotten.

They are people who can help you achieve the reform you are looking for and create what you need. They are professionals to whom you can delegate your reform.

In this way, today we want to give you some keys to ensure that your reform is not a headache but quite the opposite.

Are you ready?


What must be taken into account before a reform?

In a reform, there is no room for improvisation, if someone tells you otherwise … distrust.

The first thing to do is stop and think about what you want and why you need this reform.

In other words, understand and plan the functionality that is going to be given to each specific room.

This involves assessing the lifestyle of the people you are going to live with, the uses you are going to give it, the specific needs you have, the budget you have and, of course, the tastes of each of the tenants.

When all this is clear, the ideal is to look for the professional in charge of shaping and carrying out the entire project.


What is the purpose of carrying out an off-plan reform project?

Once the interior designer and/or architect in charge of the project has been chosen, it is very important to capture the design on the plan of the work to be undertaken.

It is obvious, but making the corresponding measurements of the entire project (including every minimum space in each room) and putting the design proposal on the plan helps to see what the final result will be like.

This is anticipating the end of the play.

In this way, we can modify, adapt or improve anything on the plan.

A plan will show the layout of the entire project at a single glance and with all the elements that will be part of it.

Hence the importance of leaving everything reflected (or drawn) on the plane before starting work.

It is the best way to optimize spaces, assess improvements, choose materials and anticipate any unforeseen event that may arise.


Why delegate the choice of materials and decorative elements in a reform?

Today there is a wide variety of everything: infinite colors, various materials, proposals for finishes, top-level brands or private labels, local or industrial suppliers, home assemblers …

For example, let’s think about the floor of a house .

It would be necessary to think about floors for the terrace, for the garage,the bedrooms, for the kitchen,Professional offers world-class modular kitchen design services.

We can choose between non-slip floors, underfloor heating, porcelain floors, parquet, wood, tiles, marble… Do we all choose the same or do we prefer different floors adapted to the use of each room?

Not to mention the different varieties of colors, shades, finishes, qualities, budgets, suppliers, brands or installers.

Are you up to date with each of these options to be sure to choose the best option for you and for the use you are going to give it?

Therefore, it is important to  take into account the budget and the use that is going to be given to the room or rooms to be reformed, the design and the choice of materials as well as the rest of the decoration.

It will make a difference to have the help of an interior designer and / or an architect when carrying out a work.

They, as professionals, offer solutions tailored to the needs of each project, assessing the distribution, the spaces and the use that is going to be given, and they will develop a tailor-made project taking into account your budget and your tastes.

You will have the guarantee of being advised by an expert in renovations and the peace of mind of being accompanied at all times.

In addition, delegating the works and reforms in an interior studio allows them to find and manage all the unions involved without having to be pending all day.

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