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Modern and minimalist

The minimalist trend is perfect to apply in places where there is no defined style … you simply have to filter your elements and choose only those that will go (“less is more”). However, achieving a minimalist space is not as easy as it looks. According to our experience, we have to worry about placing modern furniture, and highlight the elements that we consider most striking to achieve this style. But blending modern items and furniture with a palette of earthy paint tones as a background works well.

Boho chic

Patterns, colour and loose textures are some of the elements that stand out in this beautiful trend, therefore, if you want your spaces filled with a bohemian-chic attitude, do not hesitate to apply these characteristics.

Black and white

A classic in decoration that never fails … will deliver elegance, sophistication and simplicity to your spaces, anywhere.

Dark walls

Lately you can see how dark walls (especially grey) have taken centre stage; and if you combine them with leather furniture and white elements (that provide contrast), you will get a completely chic and fashionable space.

4 past trends that we still secretly love

Here are 4 styles of design that seem to be outdated, but in reality are still being used and are very versatile when combined with other classic or modern elements.

Colourful duo

Limiting your space to a simple palette of two colours allows you to have a greater facility to decorate and characterise your space. Go back to this comfortable design trend, but try not to fall into the typical colour combos … be adventurous and try mixing entertaining colours!

Rustic country kitchens

Wooden floors, painted cabinets, coloured patinas and small hung details are some of the characteristic elements of a classic country kitchen; effective, welcoming and particular in its design. Country interiors are another of the trends that have lately bloomed again on social networks. We believe that this is because of the great atmosphere that a rustic kitchen gives … after all, who would not like to be sharing time with their family in a space as warm and homely as a traditional country-style rustic kitchen?

Sleep comfort

Earth colours and geometric patterns can be balanced with modern objects and furniture. If you want to deliver a warm style that remembers the cultural influence of traditional country living, do not hesitate to resort to this trend!

Provencal chic

All the femininity of the provencal style can be mixed and balanced with something more modern. Try mixing flowers and white furniture, with a palette of greyish colours!

Don’t forget to use accessories such as rugs, wall art, cushions, sculptures, lamps, and various textures and complementary fabrics to create your perfect interior.

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