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All through out your lifetime you might need to file different kinds of insurance claims. It is important to know how they differ from one another for you to fully understand the benefits you can claim in case of an untoward incident. Although the claiming process is fairly the same across most types of insurance, there are particulars that vary. Sometimess clients are being treated unfairly by their insurance providers because of their lack of knowledge regarding how much settlement they are entitled to. But in case of incidents like this, there are professionals who can help you. Public adjusters in Miami are professional claim handlers that will advocate for you on your behalf. The following are the different types of insurance claims:

  1. Health Insurance Claims. Nobody would want to be unsecured in times of illness. This is why despite the high monthly premiums, most people would still opt to buy a policy just so they have something to rely on in case of they get sick. This is perhaps the only type of insurance claim that you do not have to file yourself. Most health insurance claims are filed and processed by the hospital or clinic.
  1. Life Insurance Claims. Life insurance provides monetary benefits to a family member or beneficiary. You need to prepare documents before filing a claim such as the insured’s insurance policy, death certificate, legal papers that provide proof of the cause of death, etc.
  1. Personal Injury Claims. If you are injured due to negligence by another party such as the company you work for, you can file a personal injury claim. Typically, you will need to submit medical certificates and some proof that the injury was caused by another person or entity’s negligence.
  1. Car Insurance Claims. Every car owner is required to have an insurance policy for his/her car. While most people settle on basic car insurance, some people opt to pay additional monthly premiums to protect them from financial losses in cases of vehicular damage, physical damage due to vehicular accident and vehicular loss.
  1. Homeowner’s Insurance Claims. Homeowners would naturally want their homes to be insured in case of property damage due to natural disasters and untoward accidents. Like car insurance claims, your insurance company will have to inspect your property before awarding settlement. Most claims are settled on actual cash value, but there are insurance companies who will depreciate the value of your property based on their condition and age at the time of incident.

Insurance companies are required to handle claims with reasonable urgency and fairness. In case of unfair treatment from your insurance provider, you do not necessarily need a lawyer. What you need is a public adjusters who will advocate for you and your rights so that you receive exactly what is due to you. Unlike an insurance company adjuster, public adjusters are fair when it comes to determining how much the settlement amount should be.

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