In the modern world, mattresses have become an integral part of every home. No bedroom is complete without a comfortable mattress.

As such, there has been an unprecedented ever rising demand for mattresses encompassing new technology and components. In an effort to capitalize on this demand, manufacturers are coming up with sophisticated styles and in so doing, drive up the cost of mattresses.

At present, there is a wide variety of mattress in Singapore available. Some are regular mattresses that won’t cost a lot while others can be extremely costly due to their intricate design and most importantly the type of material used.

Where am I going to purchase it? This is the first question that most individuals ask themselves when looking for low priced quality mattresses. Most regular shops and brand outlets do not offer discounts on products and in the unlikely event of one, it is quite insignificant. However, there are quite a number of options one can opt for when it comes to acquiring quality cost effective mattresses. The following is an overview of some of these options

Visit the Shop

We do not recommend buying furniture online because there is not guarantee. The best is to have a real look and feel of the type of furniture you are getting – whether it is metal or wood, you would still like to know what you are getting.

Mattress manufacturer

This is a viable option when it comes to making cost effective purchases on quality products. Most products cost a lot less when purchased straight from the source and an individual is assured of an original quality product.

As such, a quality mattress tends to cost a lot less when purchased from a manufacturer as compared to a retail outlet. However, some factors such as the location of the factory also come into play since transportation cost is factored in the final product cost.

Some manufacturers also make exclusive collections for other retailers, and these may be more premium than regular mattresses.

Buy New Mattresses

Though a second hand item may be a good idea on some items, but when it comes to mattress, it is not recommended to use a second-hand one due to hygienic purposes. Make sure that what you are getting is of good quality and comfortable. It should be of utmost importance to buy a mattress that is very comfortable – because we all want a good sleep, don’t we?


Who will be using the mattress? The size of the mattress is usually determined by the individual who will be sleeping on the mattress.

A single-size mattress is great for a kid but if the mattress is meant for two adults, a queen-sized mattress would be the best bet

Mattress type

Mattresses come in different varieties: inner spring mattresses, pocket coil mattresses, foam mattresses and even air mattresses.

Get familiar with the benefits of each kind of mattress before making a purchase.

Always try out the mattress to ensure you are comfortable with the level of support and comfort it offers and remember: comfort and quality come first when it comes to mattresses.

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