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Whether you have a commercial garage or warehouse or you just have a garage in your home, a rolling steel door can offer just the protection you need for your property and all the belongings inside. Rolling steel doors are superior to typical garage doors you may find on your home or business, including aluminum, fiberglass and wood doors. It is important that you understand all the features of your Toronto overhead door before you make your choice to ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

Here are a few of the many benefits of rolling steel doors to consider for your home or business:


Rolling steel doors are built to last. The steel slats are high-strength, so they do not easily dent, and they won’t scratch. The paint may scratch, but the steel will not. The steel also won’t rust, so it doesn’t need to be sealed or painted to protect it from the weather or other elements.

In addition, the doors are built with heavy duty cast gears, cast iron stops, and oil tempered torsion springs. The components will not wear down, and neither will the door. You will get decades of reliable use out of the door.


Rolling steel doors can be installed in even tight spaces. The door rolls directly up, so it does not need a lot of clearance like a fold-out door. Rolling steel doors can be put on more doorways, as they are only limited by the interior space.

These doors are also flexible in the type of operation they offer. The doors can be operated manually (which is the cheapest option), or they can be powered by a motor, chain, or crank. The flexibility gives you options for your budget and for meeting the needs of your space.


Thanks to their strength and durability, rolling steel doors offer superior security to other doors. No one is going to be able to break through this door or break through the lock on it. You’ll need to add backup security measures, like bars or locks that prevent the door from being lifted if someone does find a way around the primary door lock.

Rolling steel doors also protect your possessions from severe weather. The doors will withstand severe thunderstorms, hurricanes, hail storms, and heavy winds. Even if tree branches and hail batter the door, it will emerge unscathed and your contents will remain safe.

Consider replacing the door you currently have on your garage with a rolling steel door. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that everything you store inside is safe and that you don’t have to repair or replace the door for a long time. Ultimately, the door will save you a lot of money, which will protect your bottom line. Contact a local supplier to explore your options and find the right door for your space, including the right color and operating mechanism.

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