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Siding is a popular addition to your home. It protects from the elements and smartens it up too. With vinyl siding, newer siding is markedly superior to earlier versions. With that said, it’s often possible to repair pieces of siding to get them back to their former glory when they’re not too damaged. Other times, replacing a section or completely redoing the exterior with the latest siding materials provides a pleasing exterior makeover.

Here are 4 reasons to get a vinyl siding repair or a full replacement.

Reason #1 – Damage from Heat Sources

With siding that wraps around the rear of the building, heat generated by a barbeque may have been so extreme that it has caused part of the siding to melt away. As a point of note, it’s sensible to have any heat source be approximately 10-12 feet away from the side of the building, or it could create a fire concern. In the hottest climates such as Florida or desert areas, it’s possible for siding to melt from the effects of the midday sun, but that’s exceedingly rare. Usually, siding isn’t used in these parts of the country.

Reason #2 – High Winds and Worse

When a freak storm comes into town, it may not directly damage the siding on its own. Despite the high winds, the vinyl siding should still stay attached. However, other items in the front or backyard may not be so lucky. Flying debris from the home or nearby to it can become dangerous for siding. It can cause indentations, cracks, and sometimes it dislodges. In this situation, it’s important to get a siding repair ordered up as soon as possible. A crew can get on hand to assess the damage and see what can be done to repair or replace the affected sections.

Reason #3 – Bad Previous Installation

It’s sad to say, but not everyone who takes on the installation task is an expert with siding. Sometimes, the installation doesn’t go as well as it might have. While this may not have been visible or obvious at the time, problems like loose siding and the use of less durable materials become more evident in time. For instance, the fasteners can be set too tight, preventing the material from naturally expanding and contracting. This can lead to cracking from an overly aggressive fitting. Corrections can be made, and siding refitted to prevent further damage in the future.

Reason #4 – Insect Damage

It’s unusual to see, but sometimes termites or other insects can get beneath the siding and do damage to it. Verify this by gently prodding the siding with a screwdriver. While being careful not to indent it permanently, if it has considerable give,’ then the material has been softened by bugs eating away at it.

For reference, rotten wood is hugely attractive to bugs including siding. This is why siding should be well maintained to avoid this.

Siding is a durable material that can protect a house and add to its aesthetic qualities. Nevertheless, it’s important to maintain it well and get repairs completed promptly, so that it lasts for years to come.

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