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Most people don’t have the money to remodel every couple of years, so updating with the latest trends can be difficult. In a few years, there is a new trend, and you’re stuck with an outdated kitchen that you can’t afford to update again. If you can’t afford to constantly remodel, then update your kitchen to a timeless trend instead of the latest trend. Here are some trends that will never go out of style.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights are the round lights that either don’t stick out of the ceiling at all or only do a little bit. They’re small and can be placed in many different locations on the ceiling. This gives you an evenly lit room with plenty of lights. Some people like to hook up groups of lights to different light switches so they can turn on only some of the lights or all of them at once. Recessed lighting is functional, beautiful, and it will never go out of style.

Kitchen Islands

No matter what the trend is for the current kitchen styles, kitchen islands will never go out of style. They make open space more useful, give you more prep space, and give you more intimacy in the kitchen. Most islands have cabinets underneath the countertop as well, giving you more storage space for your pots and pans. If you’re struggling with how you want your new kitchen, know that the island is something you don’t need to struggle with.

Integrated Appliances

Some people love stainless steel appliances, others pick either black or white to go with the kitchen. Either way, covering the appliances altogether will keep your kitchen matching. When doing your home remodel, consider integrated appliances, which are basically hidden appliances in your kitchen. For example, you can have a refrigerator custom made to match all of the cabinets in your kitchen. This way, your refrigerator door looks just like your cabinet doors, and your appliances are always matching. Many people choose integrated ovens and dishwashers as well. They, too, have doors that match your cabinets so they don’t stick out like a sore thumb. Some people stick to stainless steel for the oven but build them into the wall.

Checkered Floors

Checkered floors seem like an odd choice these days. Many people are opting for hardwood or stone. However, checkered floors are something that has been going in and out of style in Europe for the past 500 years and in American homes for the past 100 years. Every time it goes out, it comes right back in. It’s safe to say that checkered floors are the most timeless of all the features you can think of. You don’t need bold black and white checkered floors, which seems to be a common choice. You can do something more neutral such as a gray and light blue or a gray and eggshell. It will still give the checkered appearance without being too bold. Picking something neutral that will match many different designs is a great choice.


Backsplash is another great option for any kitchen. Whether you choose a glass or a tiled, mosaic backsplash, you don’t have to worry about it being a thing of the past. It ties in the look of the kitchen and it has a function. If food splatters when you cook, it makes the food much easier to wipe up when it’s time to clean.

Don’t go with the latest hot trend for your remodel. Choose something timeless so you’re still happy in five or even ten years. You will get the most out of your money and your kitchen will always be the envy of the neighborhood.

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