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The master bedroom is your haven. It is the most personal space – the heart of the house, the core of the home. To upgrade it requires enthusiasm and a plethora of ideas so you can pick one that suits your taste and budget. Most of all, it requires the desire to turn this room into something even more special. If you want to make your room look like one of those trendy new condos in Toronto, then here are some guidelines you can start with:

Step 01:  Circulation

As a general rule of thumb, the bedroom must feature a simple circulation. Most designers suggest that the circulation be placed on one side of the room. This is also the basis of most hotel rooms.  By doing so, you are maximizing the amount of space you can explore.

If space is the issue and you are redesigning your bedroom to create more of these, then try to analyze which side should your closet rest. This should be on the opposite side of the bed so you can retain ample space for circulation.

Step 02: View

You may rework your bedroom in such a way that you can also take advantage of a good view. This means that even upon entering the bedroom, your eyes should get a lovely view out your window. Do not place anything that could obstruct the view. Better yet, put a little chair close to the window so you can still enjoy the vista while reading a book or working.

Step 03: Privacy

After finishing the new layout for your furniture, you may now check how you can keep your privacy in the room even if you want to leave your open sometimes.  Moreover, you can also determine the type of curtains you may want for your master bedroom.

Step 04: Furniture

If you live in a condo, this means that your master bedroom may have limited space. This should be a major criterion on how you intend to furnish the room. When it comes to style, you can choose a theme that will reflect who you are. One of the biggest trends this year is the comeback of the golden era or the fusion of the old and the new. For instance, a modern-approach to the Victorian-theme can be applied to small spaces.

Step 05: Ventilation and Lighting

Placing the bed where you can benefit from cross-ventilation should always be one of your priorities. In addition, the use of decorative textile with texture and interlining fabrics is going to be great. This option gives the room ample sunlight and a more laid-back feel.

Redesigning a bedroom is not always easy. Most of the time, people succeed after doing some  trial-and-error – but hopefully this is limited to the planning phase only! So, aside from the steps mentioned, upgrading a bedroom would also require some patience. Take your time to plan and do your research, as well as to find the right furniture and décor. Soon, you’ll reap the fruits of your hard work!

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