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In the UK, most people have a regular heating system. They don’t understand much about it and even find the controls a little bit finickity too. Replacing your heating system is not something you do very often, but when that time has come around again, it’s a great idea to look at all the options.

One heating option that comes with a few extra benefits is a mechanical ventilation heating recovery system (MVHR).Let’s consider that now to see if it’s worth choosing instead of a regular heating system replacement.

Heating Recovery, Not Only Thermostats and Timers

With regular heating systems, they rely on a heating setting and a thermostat to regulate when to turn the heating on or off. Some are programmable to give them a winter setting for chilly days and colder nights, and a light summer program. However, they tend to heat only the rooms that it has been setup to do so and aren’t very efficient.

With an MVHR system, it actively recovers heat that would otherwise escape through the ceiling and tothe roofing area. The captured heat is added to new air and then filtered to remove any air particle contaminants that are present. Then the heat is recirculated.

Distributed Heat, Not Single Room Heat

Regular heaters run in select rooms when they’re activated. To stop wasting heat, heating every room in the home is avoided. Unfortunately, this creates a problem over time with moisture build up which can create damp in the walls or unsightly mould.

Using an MVHR setup, heat recovery unitscapture the heat that would otherwise be lost through the roof and redistributesit. The heat is passed through ducting to each vent installed within the home.This way, every room receives some much-needed warmth in a consistent manner.This prevents moisture collecting and cold areas in the home.

Money Saving?

While heaters are usually only turned on in occupied rooms thinking this saves money, with an MVHR system, the captured heat reduces the need for heaters to keep working. While regular heater thermostats detect a decline in temperature as heat is lost,necessitating the automatic activation of the heaters to blast out extra heat, this is far less the case with MVHR systems.

Redistributing warmth that’s already been created turns out to be more energy efficient. Heaters are used less frequently to maintain the same warmtemperature. It also avoids the cost of dealing with a damp or bacterial problem in your home because some are as were heated infrequently, not to mention the fact that with less bacteria in the home, the occupants aren’t as likely to get sick as much. When it’s time to get a new heating system installed, giving an MVHR system strong consideration is highly recommended. Being able to breathe easier again is no small thing. But it’s the long-term cost savings which perk up the ears of homeowners who dislike paying expensive utility bills, especially after a particularly cold winter spell.

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