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Have you ever thought that an electronic newsletter could help improve the image of your company? If you still have doubts about it, read on. And the fact is that electronic bulletins or newsletter are an important technique of online marketing. An electronic bulletin is nothing more than a digital newsletter that a company sends to its potential clients or subscribers with the objective of informing about the news that may arise in your company, as well as information about the area in which you are moving.

The first step on the road towards the construction of an adequate electronic bulletin goes through the concretion of the theme that we are going to spread. Obviously you will have to go in accordance with the products or services offered from your business. If, for example, your business environment belongs to online marketing, all your news will be about online marketing. Do not overdo your subject, because users who have decided to be part of their mailing have done so because they are interested in that area. Already have the chosen theme? Let’s keep going.

Among the qualities that we can attribute to the electronic bulletin is the increase in visits to its website. Consumers on the Web, at times, have a large number of websites to visit for various reasons: the content, the products they offer, the number of news they publish at the end of the week, etc. It is logical to think that if we have 20 favorite pages, every day we cannot enter each of them to check whether there is new material or not, especially for lack of time. The electronic bulletin will offer a faster and easier service to the user. So, in the time interval you want from your company (every week, every fortnight or every month) the consumer will receive an email with the information you want from your company. Therefore, the client will not stay in a single visit, but will return, in a high percentage of cases, every time he receives his electronic bulletin. This translates into customer loyalty and the improvement of web positioning (due to the increase in visits). Of course, the second determining factor is that it proposes quality content.

This contact you will have with the consumers will result in a relationship with potential customers and real customers who want to keep informed about their services. Therefore, it will maintain a constant and personal “conversation” with the client, which, otherwise, it could not achieve.

As for that conversation you will decide if it is going to be returnable, that is, if you want your subscribers to have an opinion about your products. If you have decided so and receive negative reviews, do not worry. Far from considering this measure as negative, we will see in the opinion of customers or potential customers an opportunity to improve our services.

Advertising in the electronic bulletin

Keep in mind that in the electronic newsletter we will talk about and promote our business, but if the user realizes that the information he sends is only advertising, he will abandon the newsletter and consider his news as Spam. The electronic bulletin is not synonymous with the catalog of products of your company. It is a counterpart to added value for your business, so you will have to alternate information with the offer of your services.

Suppose now that your electronic newsletter has been very successful. It has a recognized audience because its content is interesting, so we propose to increase your income. On the one hand, you can offer your electronic bulletin as an advertising space for other companies that may interest your clients. On the other hand, the electronic bulletin will allow you to collaborate with other portals, a free way to advertise your way of negotiating with other companies. Given such success, it is expected that other websites will be “happy” to link to their content, so it will help to better position your site and attract visitors.

What will we include in our electronic bulletin?

First of all, we have to ensure that the first impression the user gets is the correct one . To do this, we must specify the name of our newsletter, the address from which we will send it and the subject. These three issues must be carefully considered. The address must generate trust and seriousness, as well as the name of our newsletter.

Secondly, we have to offer a direct, concise and attractive content through text, images and hyperlinks (do not overdo the content too much). In addition we will always maintain the same structure. It is advisable to create a template with the sections that we will include and the style (font type, size and color, spaces, position for images, etc.) and use the standard of sending text instead of using HTML .

It is also advisable to include a section of FAQs (frequently asked questions) or questions to the company, so readers can send their questions to the company and can be answered and viewed by the other subscribers. Likewise, using the CTR data will be crucial to know which articles are having more success than others and to know which way to follow.

Finally, we will include a closing. Inviting the reader to visit our website or to make some kind of survey about our services will allow us, on the one hand, to know the impressions towards our business and, on the other, to know more about our clients. In addition to the possibility of easily canceling the subscription, if the client so wishes.

The electronic bulletin is an online marketing method that improves the reputation of our company and saves costs, in terms of direct contact with users.


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