Spring is the season when everything is fresh and new. Spring, then, is the perfect time to update the home with a fresh and new design. Many people are getting into the spring spirit and changing their home decor into something bright and fun.

There are a lot of ways to bring the new life of spring into the home design. Anyone can use these simple tips to quickly and easily create a new look for their home this season. Here are some interior design updates for spring.

Soften harsh-looking items around the home

There are a lot of things in a typical home that can look harsh next to delicate spring interior designs. To create a softer look, it is a good idea for everyone to find these items in their home and give them a little makeover. For example, many people will add a new entertainment center around their TV with Direct TV offers and deals.

Add a natural decal

Buying new artwork or hiring someone to paint a mural can be very expensive. Instead, home owners can add a wall decal sticker to create the same look for a fraction of the price. Trees and other foliage are very popular choices right now.

Clear the clutter in each room

Every home seems to get more and more cluttered as the seasons go by. Spring is the perfect time to clean out all of the clutter than has built up and expose a new and bare space. Minimalist designs are very trendy for spring and can be a great way to help families live a more relaxed lifestyle.

Try a little DIY

Another trend that is popular for this season is to create something unique and original. Many people are trying their hand at crafts by creating DIY artwork for their home. This is a fun way to add a touch of personality to any home design.

Bring in some green

Freshen up the air and add a fresh look to any room with a live plant this spring. Live plants not only make the interior design of a room fresher, but they also naturally freshen the air and even can reduce allergens in some homes.

Try some white bedding

White is a great color for spring because it looks so crisp and new. Many people are afraid to use white in their home, but white can actually be easy to maintain and enjoyable for everyone. White bedding is a great way to make every bedroom look clean and bright.

Freshen up with paint

The best way to update a home in any season is to add a new coat of paint. Home owners can simply freshen up the current colors that they have in their home, or try a new pastel color for the season.

Everyone can easily and inexpensively paint anything in their home, from the walls to the furniture, to make the whole space look instantly different.

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