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If you have front yard or backyard at home, you better not leave it empty with nothing to be impressed about. However much size you have of it at home, we can always turn it into something beautiful for the exterior of your home. If you don’t know how to start, you can consider learning a thing or two from various ideas of modern garden design. Let’s see 6 beautiful ideas we have here.

Sunny Rocky Landscape with Waterfall

Depending on where you live, you can choose matching theme for your garden landscape. If you live near rocky mountain, you can make sunny rocky landscape at home. Have the garden walls in two levels with black rock texture where waterfall will be made. Design the ground with small pond surrounded with big white rocks and some grass for a flush of green. Cover the rest of the ground with pebbles and have wooden chairs on it.

Double Pond Landscape with Waterfalls

There is nothing better than having earth and water elements included in your garden landscape design. So, instead of making small pond, let’s make it bigger then. Have the pond surrounded by rocky walls. Make two levels of it with low waterfalls and the second pond being small. Fill with water and plant all sorts of greenery around. Choose a variety of kind and color and it will look like exotic landscape that looks good and feels healthy.

Lotus Pond Landscape with Wooden Bridge

Making landscape with linear design in mind would not be so bad to try. Divide your modern garden space into some vertical parts. Plant a green lawn with small bushes on the first part. Make vertical lotus pool with waterfall in the next part. Have trees planted on the last part. If the gate door is from one side and the main door in another, connect the two by building horizontal bridge crossing the garden parts you plan before. It will look great.

Swimming Pool Landscape with Greenery

If you like swimming pool, there is nothing wrong having one in your modern garden design. However, you’ve got to make it unique so that it is worth to compliment about. So, consider of having the pool in irregular shape. Border it from the green lawn with paved edge. You can fill the curved edge with planted tree or small garden of colorful plants. Put out the chairs and parasol on the edge of the pool and it is done with it.

Serene Landscape with White and Greenery

You can also make simple landscape that is worth to realize. For this landscape, you only need to plant green lawn on two sides of the path to the main door. Make border by planting a line of bushes of white flowers with some bigger green bushes between them. Plant tall green plant on each entrance sides and hang plant with white flowers on the porch roof. For white house, this garden design idea would look so serene.

Shady, Bushes and Tree Lined Landscape

You can always be creative with what you realize in your garden. You can make simple vertical paved path into an amazing looking one to walk into. All you need to do is to pick tall thin trees and have them planted in one line on each side of the path. Plant bushes between them too. With the trees having much enough leaves, they will make great shade that feels cool and fresh as you walk along the path to the entrance of the house. It makes the best private garden, indeed.

Now then, which one are you interested in? Either way, they are all beautiful for natural garden landscape. As long as you design them properly, you will benefit much than just the look of beautiful garden. Fresh air and cool shade are some examples of it. Of course, they would cost much money at first, but they are worth to realize to improve the look of the exterior of your home. Choose from the ideas of modern garden design above and realize it or you can get inspired to make one on your own.

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