Freshly cut flowers are a wonderful way to decorate your home. The bright color of the flowers brightens up your home, and the fragrance of fresh flowers is better than any room freshener. Here are a few creative ways to inspire you to decorate your home with flowers.

Plan around the seasons

Choose flowers for your arrangements which are available according to the season. Lilies can be picked for fall time decoration and roses in the summer.

Romantic bedroom flower decoration

A simple way to have the air of romance in your bedroom and even your apartment, is to have tiny flower arrangements of roses with tiny flowers in glasses all around the bedroom or apartment.

Birdcage flowerbed

A birdcage can be decorated with flowers with a bouquet on top looks charming. It can be a nice hanging flower arrangement in your apartment.

Pressed flowers

One way to enjoy your favorite flowers is to press them and frame them. This is a permanent flower arrangement which can grace your home the whole year.

Monochrome arrangement

Monochrome flower decorations always look beautiful and elegant. Arrange white flowers in white vases to add that element of sophistication to your home. You can get your flowers from a reliable florist. Many florists in Brisbane stock many different varieties of flowers you can choose from.

Artistic arrangements

Give an arty look to your flower decoration by putting flowers in a glass jar which has some shells and pebbles inside. You can use fish bowl decorations to make it stand out.

Pitcher planters

Repurpose old pitchers or watering pots to life by planting flowers. You can match or contrast the color of the flowers with the color of the pitcher or pot.

Miniature eggshell flower arrangement

Instead of throwing away eggshells, you can use them as mini vases to decorate with tiny flowers and place a collection of them on your table as a unique centerpiece. Adding green twigs, dried flowers and pebbles can add to the beauty of the arrangement. Sea shells would also work instead of eggshell, to use as mini vases for your creations.

Flowers are an amazingly easy and cheap way to decorate your home. You can pick flowers from your own garden or buy them at a nominal price. They bring a breath of fresh air into your home, transforming your home into a bright and beautiful place you love to be in.

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