What vacuum cleaner should choose for home

In this post I will take a tour of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of vacuum cleaner, evaluating, for not extending far post three aspects: consumption, convenience and price, so that you can serve to help you decide which vacuum cleaner you specific needs.

Traditional Vacuum

It is the cheapest model, with bag, and small accessories.

Consumption varies between 1200w and 2100w, aspires to more power more easily especially in carpets. They are noisy and need spare bags that are not always easy to find, they are manageable but not too comfortable. It is the type of vacuum cleaner is cheaper to acquire, the there for less than 50 euros.

Vacuum Turbine

The best known are the Dyson, do not use bag but a transparent tank. Consumption is similar to the traditional models, around 1500w, making them more efficient is the turbine that gives more suction power by W.

As for comfort do not need bag are more comfortable than traditional, size is similar, but its greater efficiency makes best result is obtained with less effort. The prices here are considerably higher, starting from 150 euros more than the marks that mimic Dyson.

Water aspirator

They peaked a few years ago. The typical pattern was the rainbow.

Consumption is between one normal and one turbine. No bag but use a water tank that prevents dust mites and return to the environment.

They are quite bulky, but very efficient, with many accessories, but quite noisy. The price is quite high and is not readily available as they are not sold in appliance store.

Vacuum standing

With a shape that is closer to that of a broom with integrated reservoir. It is for the consumer walking in the same environment as other vacuums. It is more convenient than the cart to bring together all kinds, but this detracts versatility to access sites such as under furniture or beds. For the price there are from 100 euros, and its effectiveness is similar to traditional.

Robot vacuum cleaner

It is the latest model is no longer you have to vacuum. The machine does the work for you. It recharges in a base, and its consumption is very low base consumes 30W while charging. It is very quiet and comfortable, especially the original model instead of vacuuming, brushing. Other competing models aspire and brush with what are noisier.

What size is very versatile and being a robot is very comfortable. By price models “imitation · are available from 150 euros, from the original model 250, depending on the features you have. No carry bag but a deposit.


What price the cheapest model is the traditional, but it is noisy, loses effectiveness when it fills the bag and not too comfortable. The best option is the robot, both for convenience as effectively and even energy efficiency, not aspiring models are very quiet, and the price is similar to the turbine.

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